Unique Modern Small House Plans

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Unique Modern Small House Plans Choice for Everyone

Unique modern small house plans

Unique modern small house plans, building a simple but unique house is certainly an option for everyone. However, a house with a unique design has its features which are certainly very interesting to look at. Of course, everyone has a different design and concept in building unique home designs.

Unique Modern Small House Plans

Unique Modern Small House Plans

People who want a unique minimalist home design do have a high enough passion for designing a place to live. Of course, this is the right application for them to realize their passion. The construction of a unique minimalist home design does have fairly mature planning and design. This is because houses with unique designs have considerations that are quite draining. Also read: 15+ minimalist 3 × 4 bedroom designs that suit you

Of course, everyone has an idea about the place where they live. Whether it’s a simple house or a fairly luxurious house. Regardless of the small, luxurious, and simple, ordinary, and unique, surely everyone will think about it. See also: The Latest Minimalist Kitchen Sets Design For Tiny Kitchens

However, lately, many people are building a house with a unique but minimalist design which will certainly attract everyone’s attention. Having a unique minimalist home design now is not only owned by people with a passion for the property but is also applied to the homes of many people as their dwellings.

Unique modern small house plans – minimalist

Unique Modern Small House Plans With Photos

Unique Modern Small House Plans With Photos

Unique minimalist home designs are generally owned by people with high enough taste. A dream house for someone will be designed uniquely and attractively according to their tastes. If you are interested in having a house with a unique and minimalist design, here are some designs that you can certainly make as a reference.

The first unique minimalist home design is indeed very simple, but if we look at it, we will be amazed by the unique design in the style of a car box container. This unique house is designed in a box like a container. Uniquely, this box house has glass installed in one part and also as the entrance to the house. This unique house has its beauty with the creation of a garden filled with flowers on top of the house. At first glance, this unique house looks like a box on a car that is no longer used. However, after being observed, it turned out that this box was a human residence.

The second unique minimalist home design does look like a hut or hut built in a garden or forest to look after plants and farms. However, who would have thought that this unique wooden house turned out to have its interests. This unique wooden house is in the form of a long box that can be occupied as a unique house. This house looks small, but this house can also be used as a place to live for someone with high taste.

Comes with an elegant nuance to make this unique house worthy of your stay. The reason is, this unique house has a different style than the others. With 2 floors built, this house design is often the main choice for you. This unique minimalist home design is made in a box shape equipped with sufficient glass windows for air ventilation. This unique house can be regarded as a house with a contemporary style.

A house with a funnel roof design has its uniqueness. How not, this house with a very simple design can be categorized as a unique minimalist home design. If we look at the soaring funnel roof, we rarely find it in people’s houses. Therefore, this house with a funnel roof is very unique and also attracts the attention of many people. Moreover, this box-shaped house with a small room in front of it is one point that makes this house look unique.

Unique home designs that will further amaze us. How not, this unique design can be used as a residence that is sufficient for you. With the style of a house on stilts built using wood, we seem to be returning to old times. It looks like the picture above which shows a supermini house that is designed with sufficient air ventilation so that this tiny house looks alive. You can apply this unique minimalist home design to a house design that you want to build. Besides not requiring quite a lot of property, this unique house will not take up a lot of lands for you to live in.

This house does have a distinctive style that you might be interested in. With the design of the house in the form of a box with a funnel roof that is used as a room, of course, it is unique for anyone who has it. A very small house like the one in the previous picture is indeed worth living in, especially for those of you who have a small family. This unique house is indeed a favorite for those who have a great taste in the design and design of a house. This unique minimalist home design will certainly be very comfortable for you to live in, especially if you stand in an area filled with trees and plants that are quite shady.

The following house designs are built using brick as a material that is often chosen by many people. This unique minimalist home design has its style with large glass windows at the top of the house. This house is indeed very simple with only a box shape, but it looks elegant and also suitable to live in.

You could say that this one house design is truly very unique. If we look at the design of this house, we will be carried away with an atmosphere like in a children’s fairy tale book. The shape of this house is very old but has its unique style. In general, this house design is located in an agricultural area and also on a farm. This house is like a house in a village built using wood or bamboo with plants and trees around it.

This unique house design is in stark contrast when compared to the previous unique house. This unique, modern-style house is perfect for those of you who want to have a unique residence. It is designed in a box shape and is equipped with large enough glasses to make this house livable. In addition to a different model from home models in general, this unique house also has sufficient air ventilation to make your home cooler.

This unique house has a semi-modern house style, where one part of the house is modern and the other is in a traditional style. This unique minimalist home design might be suitable for those of you who want something natural, but still modern. This unique house was built with a modern concept on the inside and traditional on the outside. This traditional style can be seen from a house terrace made of taller wood equipped with small pillars to support the roof on each side.

You will be amazed by the unique minimalist house design above. This unique house does come with its distinctive style that anyone who sees it will be amazed by it. How not, this unique house design is made with a fairly mature design starting from the unique shape and properties in it. The uniqueness of this house is characterized by a roof design that is different from other house models. Where the shape of this roof is quite fantastic in making people gasp when looking at it. A semi-round shape also makes the roof of this house look unique, which is equipped with sufficient glass for air ventilation.

Unique minimalist home design, then a traditional style that is often found in the village. Who would have thought, this fairly traditional house attracted attention?

Who would have thought that this roundhouse could be considered a unique minimalist home design? This house is only built with a round shape and no special roof. As you can see in the image above which shows a unique minimalist home design. With this very simple design, you can design it with a round shape on the roof so you don’t need tiles or special materials that are used as the roof. On the one hand, you can use it like a window as well as a door, while on the other hand, you can make a window. Pretty simple, right?

Bird’s nest house, that’s about the word that represents to describe this unique house design. Having a very unique design and also attracting the attention of many people makes this house often applied to a dwelling. How not, coming with an unusual and different design from home designs, in general, makes this unique house the right choice for those of you who want to have a unique minimalist home design. This bird’s nest house is indeed very interesting to see where this house has 2 floors, which on the lower floor is divided into 2 parts that are open and also a closed room. Uniquely, this house provides sufficient air and light ventilation to the windows that are made with very large size.

This unique minimalist home design looks like a container car that carries a lot of items in it. This house is designed quite uniquely where there is a tire under the house. Indeed, at first glance, this house looks like a used car that is not operating. Designed with a view that attracts the attention of many people, this unique house is indeed worth living in. Moreover, it has a fairly simple shape and design so it doesn’t cost a lot of money for materials and also personnel costs. If you have land with wide benthic, why not make a house with a design like the one in the example above. You also don’t forget to make a window as a vent for air and light.

This unique house is designed like a night cafe that many of us meet in cities. At first glance, this house is not like a residential house. However, this house can indeed be categorized as a unique minimalist home design. This house with a flared shape displays design and concept that cannot be underestimated. With a fairly simple concept, it provides a unique home design idea for many people. Even more unique, this house is built with a stage that is equipped with stairs that attract a lot of attention to the colors.

This unique house is usually designed in a villa which is indeed used as a berth when we visit a place far from the crowd. However, you can also apply this villa-shaped house design to the house you are going to live in. With a fairly simple box shape, this unique house is often used as an idea for people who are designing a residence. This unique minimalist house design is built with a stage concept where the basic part of the house is not attached directly to the ground. This is what makes this house look unique, equipped with stairs as access to and from the house.

We usually find this unique house in the coastal area where this house is used as a stopover. However, why not for those of you who crave a house with a unique concept, the unique house ideas above can be used as a reference for you. A unique house that stands on land that is not large enough to display a residence with a different concept from the house in general. Coupled with the form of a house that is on stage, making this unique house a choice for many people.

The last unique minimalist home design comes with a very simple and simple form. Comes with an elongated box shape equipped with windows that are sufficient for ventilation, so it’s no wonder this unique house is often the right choice for some people. Coupled with a garden atmosphere that will make whoever inhabit this house will feel very cool.

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