Unique Modern House

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Unique Modern House Design Everyone’s Dream

Unique modern house

Unique modern house design have now become the dream of everyone who wants a comfortable home to live in. To make a modern house requires creativity and imagination to produce a home design that suits you.

unique modern house pictures

Unique Modern House

Unique Modern House

Here, we will review unique and elegant modern home designs.

1. Futuristic Design

The first design features a futuristic concept house. What is unique about this design is that the walls are not made straight. If we pay attention, many of the parts are slanted. This adds to the model of this house very elegant.

2. Design in White

The second design features a white nuanced design. This 2-story house design presents elegant architecture. With the blue tile color, adding to the atmosphere of the house looks comfortable too.

3. Go Green Design

Unique Modern Tiny House Atlanta

Unique Modern Tiny House Atlanta

Next is a house design with a go green nuance. The house yard is made as green as possible with plants. There is a garage attached to the front of the house. The glass room is made of 3 floors. This space can be used as a workspace or a place to relax.

4. Tropical Modern Home Design

This design is perfect for tropical climates. Building materials can be made of wood and glass, which are combined as shown. If we see, this design is similar to a cafe. But you will get comfort like at home when you gather with your family.

5. Shades of Blue Design

The next house design shows the concept of a luxury home in blue nuances. With a glass wrap, this house looks elegant and attractive. Plus the swimming pool adds to the house’s luxurious looks and comfort.

6. Black Design

The next design is a very elegant black nuance design. The walls of the house are made of wood and the roof uses mild steel. This concept is suitable for use in hilly areas that have beautiful panoramas.

7. Birdwing concept design

The structure of this house is designed like a bird’s wing. If you think that the shapes are used only for decoration then you are wrong. Every part of this house design has a function. Truly an imaginative and modern house.

8. Retro-futuristic design

Have you ever imagined a house that consists of a combination of retro and futuristic designs? You will get a house like in this design. The combination creates a contemporary area with several terraces and verandas that are part of modern design.

9. Shell House Design

From the natural atmosphere, you can tell that this house is in Japan, to be precise in Karuizawa. You can see this house has a shell profile and the whole look is so futuristic. The building looks like two ovals. The shape and color are in perfect harmony with the surrounding green nature. The basic structure of this house is supported by concrete and wood, so its strength is undoubtedly strong.

10. Cocoon Themed Design

A house inspired by cocoon typography. You can see the pupae are in the middle structure. The building next to it has a touch of wood and glass added to enhance the futuristic feel. The circular vents at the top of the cocoons should be sufficient to provide light during the day.

Unique modern house plans

Unique modern house plans, sometimes it’s a headache to think about houses for many family members, especially when the land you have is narrow. Want to buy land again, it is not certain that the land on the right and the left side will be sold. Especially if there is a neighbor’s house on the side of the land, it is no longer possible to build a house to the side.

Unique Modern House Plans

Unique Modern House Plans

The only way for this is to build a 2-story type house. You can choose this residential alternative, apart from saving land, a 2-story house has its impression. Well, before you start building a 2-story house, try to check the minimalist 2-story house designs below. There are a variety of interesting designs that inspire you.

Modern 2 Floor Minimalist House Design

1. Modern minimalist house with large garage

For those of you who have vehicles other than cars or more than one car, it looks like this design is suitable as a recommendation for you. The wide and large garage adds to the beautiful design of this house. The walls on the first and second floors are filled with glass windows and a glass upper veranda, making it look even more charming.

Unique modern house numbers

Unique modern house numbers, each house has a house number but not every house has a unique house number. The design of the house number is easy for us to change and this can give the impression of the house looking fresher and new. For inspiration, here are 10 examples of house number designs for all types of houses without leaving their main function as part of a complement to the address.

Unique Modern House Numbers

Unique Modern House Numbers

1. A large house number placed on a sliding fence is one way to attract the attention of people who are looking for your house.

2. The house number model that is hung on a brightly colored plate can add a pop-style feel to the exterior of your home.

3. The house number model using neon can certainly be seen clearly by people who are looking for your house, and the neon color selection can be adjusted to the exterior of your home.

Unique modern house exterior

Unique modern house exterior, Take a peek at the inspiration for this minimalist house front view for your dream home! In the last few years, minimalist home design is becoming a trend, both in terms of interior and exterior.

Unique Modern House Exterior

Unique Modern House Exterior

Minimalist home design is often a favorite because it looks simple and elegant. Minimalist house design looks at the front also makes the house look more stunning than the others.

Front View Minimalist Home Design Inspiration

Unfortunately, there are still many who are confused in determining a suitable minimalist home design because of the lack of references.

Unique modern house interior

Modern luxury home interiors, a beautiful interior design depends on how deep the ability and taste of the person who designed it. A valuable interior artwork is an interior that produces a strong aura of beauty that can be enjoyed by anyone inside.

Unique Modern House Interior

Unique Modern House Interior

Intrigued by awesome interior designs? Here you will find the interior of a very beautiful modern luxury house, ranging from a residence to a living room by sharing its contents, a comfortable bedroom, a beautiful dining area, a kitchen with various amenities, to a beautiful bathroom.

Here is a modern luxury home interior design that you can inspire to decorate the room in your home.

1. Interior Room With Sofa and Stone Fireplace

In areas of the northern hemisphere that experience winter frequently, home interiors in that region generally have a fireplace in the house. The interior design of this house looks more modern.

Unique modern small house plans

Unique modern small house plans, building a simple but unique house is certainly an option for everyone. However, a house with a unique design has its features which are certainly very interesting to look at. Of course, everyone has a different design and concept in building unique home designs.

Unique Modern Small House Plans With Photos

Unique Modern Small House Plans With Photos

People who want a unique minimalist home design do have a high enough passion for designing a place to live. Of course, this is the right application for them to realize their passion. The construction of a unique minimalist home design does have fairly mature planning and design. This is because houses with unique designs have considerations that are quite draining. Also read: 15+ minimalist 3 × 4 bedroom designs that suit you

Of course, everyone has an idea about the place where they live. Whether it’s a simple house or a fairly luxurious house. Regardless of the small, luxurious, and simple, ordinary, and unique, surely everyone will think about it. See also: The Latest Minimalist Kitchen Sets Design For Tiny Kitchens

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