Unique Modern House Plans

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Unique Modern House Floor Plans Minimalist 2-storey

Unique modern house plans

Unique modern house plans, sometimes it’s a headache to think about houses for many family members, especially when the land you have is narrow. Want to buy land again, it is not certain that the land on the right and the left side will be sold. Especially if there is a neighbor’s house on the side of the land, it is no longer possible to build a house to the side.

Unique Modern House Plans

Unique Modern House Plans

The only way for this is to build a 2-story type house. You can choose this residential alternative, apart from saving land, a 2-story house has its impression. Well, before you start building a 2-story house, try to check the minimalist 2-story house designs below. There are a variety of interesting designs that inspire you.

Modern 2 Floor Minimalist House Design

1. Modern minimalist house with large garage

For those of you who have vehicles other than cars or more than one car, it looks like this design is suitable as a recommendation for you. The wide and large garage adds to the beautiful design of this house. The walls on the first and second floors are filled with glass windows and a glass upper veranda, making it look even more charming.

2. House with Tiny Gazebo in the Front Garden

This house has a large garden, decorated with a gazebo or small pavilion that can be used to relax. The design of the front is unique because there are stairs to the main door and glass windows that extend from top to bottom which almost fill the entire front wall of the house on the first floor and the second-floor veranda.

3. Houses with Arranged Box-Like Designs

This house design is not only modern but also very unique. Shaped like a cube and arranged blocks. This house also has a fairly large garage, veranda on the second floor, and large glass windows on the first floor. Even more interesting, the second floor of the house is decorated with concrete brick accent walls.

4. Outdoor balcony on the roof

Do you live in a beautiful environment and full of trees? A modern minimalist home design like this is suitable for you. There is a large outdoor balcony on the roof and next to the 2nd-floor building, perfect for enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of your residence with your family. The design, which is filled with glass, also makes the house look even more “up to date”.

5. Japanese style 2-storey modern minimalist house

Japanese modern design is the main concept of this two-story house. Not to forget there is a large glass veranda on the second floor, a garage with wooden doors, a small fish pond near the path leading to the main door, and several bamboo plants that reinforce the Japanese impression.

6. House with Hanging Plants and Two Verandas on the Upper Floor

Even though it is decorated with hanging or vine plants this house looks beautiful instead of being haunted. Two verandas on the upper floor, the front, and sides, also beautify this house. The concept of the building with concrete bricks combined with wood makes this two-story house look homier.

7. Modern minimalist Mediterranean style

The hallmark of a Mediterranean-style house is the large front pillar that rises from the top of the building to the bottom. This modern minimalist house looks more spacious with a large garage with wooden doors. The yard is not too big, but it still leaves space for a small garden in front of the terrace. Not to forget there are two large verandas upstairs that you can use to relax.

8. Modern House with Carport at the Back

Generally, the carport or garage is on the side or part of the front of the house (seen from the location of the main door), but the design of this house is different because the carport is at the back of the building. This house has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms on each floor, a kitchen and dining room that is not partitioned by the wall, a living room, and a large family room.

9. Tiny Two-storey House with Alloy Decoration of Glass and Wood

This minimalist house is very beautiful! To get to the main door, there are several steps. The wall design which is filled with glass and wood, and the ceiling of the house which is also made of wood, make this house even more charming. You don’t need to worry, even though you don’t have a yard, your vehicle can be parked in the basement under the first floor.

10. Modern Minimalist House Plus Swimming Pool

Beautiful design with natural stone accents on the front wall of the first floor and the fence. This house also has a minimalist swimming pool in the backyard. Do not forget the beautiful garden in the front yard, and the carport which is enough to accommodate one large car.

11. Houses with Natural Stone Accents

The natural stone design that fills the outer walls of this house makes it look elegant. The garden which is designed as in the basement, the veranda covered with wooden breezes on the upper floor, and the stairs leading to the main door make this house even more charming.

12. Charming Aquarium Design

For those of you who like the quirky design of this house, it seems suitable as a recommendation. With an outer wall that is almost entirely made of glass and its simple shape like a box, makes this two-story house even more unique.

13. Minimalist house with unique roof

A unique roof that is not made of tiles, and has a balcony above the second floor, making this house look different from the others. Both the roof balcony, second-floor veranda, and terrace are designed with glass. The touch of the natural stone accented walls also beautifies this house.

14. House with Basement

What is unique about this house is the main door and the living room which are located on the second floor. Meanwhile, several other rooms are on the first floor which looks more like a basement. Ad carport but this house has no yard. The design is simple but looks modern.

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