Unique Modern House Numbers

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Unique Modern House Numbers Your House Will Be Different

Unique modern house numbers

Unique modern house numbers, each house has a house number but not every house has a unique house number. The design of the house number is easy for us to change and this can give the impression of the house looking fresher and new. For inspiration, here are 10 examples of house number designs for all types of houses without leaving their main function as part of a complement to the address.

Unique Modern House Numbers

Unique Modern House Numbers

1. A large house number placed on a sliding fence is one way to attract the attention of people who are looking for your house.

2. The house number model that is hung on a brightly colored plate can add a pop-style feel to the exterior of your home.

3. The house number model using neon can certainly be seen clearly by people who are looking for your house, and the neon color selection can be adjusted to the exterior of your home.

4. House numbers sculpted into concrete blocks give a unique impression and enhance the curb appearance of your home.

5. The combination of letters and numbers in writing your house number is also an interesting way to make your house look different.

6. The house number that is far in front and placed on a short wall made of the same wood used on the exterior of the house.

7. Using a different font from the surrounding houses makes it easier for your home to look different and look more modern.

8. A minimalist style house number that is placed right next to the door makes your home more classy.

9. The house number does not have to be placed in front of or beside the house, you can also put it as part of the plant pot design.

10. By placing the house number vertically also gives a unique and different impression to the front of your house.

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