Unique Modern House Exterior

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Unique Modern House Exterior Simple And Replicable

Unique modern house exterior

Unique modern house exterior, Take a peek at the inspiration for this minimalist house front view for your dream home! In the last few years, minimalist home design is becoming a trend, both in terms of interior and exterior.

Unique Modern House Exterior

Unique Modern House Exterior

Minimalist home design is often a favorite because it looks simple and elegant. Minimalist house design looks at the front also makes the house look more stunning than the others.

Front View Minimalist Home Design Inspiration

Unfortunately, there are still many who are confused in determining a suitable minimalist home design because of the lack of references.

But don’t worry! This time we has prepared a row of minimalist home designs that look beautiful and unique in the front.

For those of you who want to build your dream house, you can take screenshots or save pictures of inspiration for this minimalist home design in front of you!

1. Minimalist home design with a monochrome theme

This first minimalist home design looks like a favorite. The monochrome theme on the exterior of the house gives a simple and charming impression. Wrapped in black, white, and gray, the minimalist house of your dreams will look more prominent and attractive.

2. Slick white minimalist home design

The all-white color in the minimalist home design looks at the front, giving the impression of being clean, bright, simple, and full of calm. The white color itself can appear alone and strengthen the characteristics of a minimalist house without looking boring.

3. Minimalist black house design

Not only white, but black is also the color that dominates the minimalist home design on the front. The dominance of black will make the house look modern and elegant. If you don’t want it to be too dark and monotonous, you can also combine it with a slightly bright color like the example above.

4. Minimalist home design with natural materials

This minimalist home design can be said to be “economical” in paint because it doesn’t need finishing. Yes, natural materials such as iron, concrete, wood, and natural stones that are not finished are also really cool as home exterior designs. If usually contemporary minimalist home designs seem “firm”, with these natural materials your house will look cool and unique.

5. White minimalist home design with a wood touch

The touch of wood elements will add a warm and comfortable impression to the exterior minimalist home design which is dominated by white.
Not only looks modern, a minimalist home design like this will also give a natural impression. You can also choose a roof model like the picture above to make it even more unique!

6. Minimalist tropical home design

If you want to have a tropical style house, this minimalist home design will be your dream. The combination of the exterior design of the house with plants will give a beautiful, cool, and fresh impression. Nice to look at and make you feel at home!

7. Minimalist house design with the dominance of wood elements

Your dream house will be even more beautiful with wooden walls that have a distinctive color. Wooden elements will give a warm and attractive character in minimalist home design. You can also use black accents on doors, fences, or windows that emphasize the design of the house. In this way, your house will have its charm.

8. Minimalist stilt house design

The house on stilts is applied in minimalist home design? You can! By carrying out a minimalist stilt house model, your house will look cute with a small staircase on the terrace. Your dream house will also look more beautiful with green plants creeping up the side of the house. Very beautiful!

9. Minimalist gray house design with a touch of wood

Do you want to have a dream house with two floors with unique characteristics? You can try a minimalist home design on the front of this one. Different from the others, this minimalist wooden house is built with a rectangular shape on the ground floor and a right triangle on the second floor. Not only is it unique in shape, but your house will also be more beautiful with a combination of elegant dark gray and natural wood.

10. Minimalist home design with brick accents

If you want a minimalist home design that looks simple and has a natural feel, brick material is the right choice! The red brick color will give a simple and natural impression. If you don’t want to be monotonous, you can also combine it with natural stone wood.

11. Aesthetic minimalist home design with rooster

Not only adds to the aesthetic value, but the use of a rooster in the exterior design of the house will also make it easier for air and sunlight to enter. This of course will make you more efficient in electrical energy. To make it more beautiful, you can decorate the outer walls of the house with vines. Also, install firing lights in between roosters to make a dramatic impression on the appearance of the house at night.

12. Minimalist home design combination of wood and black natural stone

The use of natural stone in minimalist home design on the front will create an exotic and natural impression. The character that your house shows is also influenced by the color selection of natural stones. Like the picture above, the minimalist house design with dark gray natural stone gives a strong and masculine character.

13. Minimalist geometric house design

This minimalist home design that looks geometric in front of you is perfect for those of you who want a simple and modern look. From the outside, this minimalist house is shaped like a block or cube. The roof is simply made flat without unnecessary indentations and decorations. Very cool!

14. Minimalist home design luxury split level

This minimalist split-level home design is sure to make your home the most different from the others. This concept provides a dynamic and neat appearance. The difference in height in this split-level concept house also creates a wider and more magnificent impression on your home.

15. Minimalist home design, modern rustic concept

The rustic style is now becoming a trend in home and interior design. The design of the rustic house itself emphasizes the natural impression of unfinished or unfinished material. Even though it was born in the 18th century, this rustic is also suitable to be combined with modern building styles. The combination also produces a unique and unpretentious residential appearance.

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