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Combining up to date and nation home plans can mean combining rustic materials corresponding to slate flooring, exposed ceiling beams, and kitchens with modern stainless steel appliances , plastic laminated cupboards , glass shelving and butcher block countertops. The final result`s a contemporary kitchen which is serviceable and has a comfortable , rustic feel. Contemporary design is about smooth surfaces equivalent to glass and stainless steel , and the usage of daring colors.

Earlier than we go right down to the actual theme of latest house plans, you might want to know the essential features of a modern household. For starters up to date house plan has massive home windows to supply a light-weight and cozy environment, excessive ceilings, versatile and steady flooring plan to accommodate modern furniture and fixtures; and utilization of modern supplies, akin to glass, metal , vinyl, stone, marble, and so on.

Home designs are highly effective symbols that you should use to create a statement to the world on who you are. Buildings have an extended lifespan and will continue speaking your statement to the world long after your departure. House designs are also a mark of self-actualization.

Mid-Century Trendy house plans are rising in recognition from New York to LA and everywhere in between. These plans embrace historic Eichler designs from the 1960s, as well as recent home plans inspired by the iconic `Case Research ` modern houses in Los Angeles of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Led by Dwell journal , the mid century aesthetic of open plans, giant home windows and minimal detailing is rising as one of many key design traits of the early 21st century.

Unique Homes In Japan Unique Homes In Japan

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Named Origami House, this two-story residence was designed by TSC Architects’ principal Yoshiaki Tanaka and is located in a village surrounded by mountains, in Mie prefecture.

The Porch, as it is referred to, is a residence located in Tokyo, Japan, that was designed by Hideaki Takayanagi. The project area was 109.0 square meters and the shape and size of the narrow site forced the designers to create a spiral-shaped structure. Completed in 2012, the residence has a steel structure with no thick columns and with sleek elements.

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This residence is located in Okusawa Setagaya Tokyo and sits on an area of 136.46 square meters. Completed in 2009, the house was designed by Schemata Architects and was actually a renovation project. Originally built during the post-war era of Japan, the house has visible western influences in its design. It’s a reinterpretation of the English brick house with local influences.

This house has received numerous architectural awards and the owners have a stunning house to live in, including a covered parking space as they had wanted.

The house is framed by its angular roof, which is folded in five places to create a series of triangular faces. The roof meets the ground at several points around the perimeter, which creates an envelope enclosing the center of the building.

The Japanese-style room is located off of the living room. Photo © Masato Kawano

Over the years, we have presented you lots of beautiful and impressive houses, some of which had really unusual and unique designs. Most of those projects were Japanese houses. Today we have created a selection including 20 of the most unusual and unique Japanese houses. They impress with their out-of0the box design, shape and attention to detail.

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The building site was a small, irregularly shaped piece of land, about 45 square meters (about 484 square feet), located on the corner of two narrow streets which intersect at an acute angle.

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The W Widow house is a very small residence located in Kyoto, Japan. It sits on a site that measures only 47.6 square meters and has a total floor area of 72.42 square meters. The residence was designed by Alphaville Architects and consists of two V-shaped grooves placed symmetrically at the north-east and south-west boundaries. They create two triangular patios that provide light and air to the interior spaces.

The ASH house is located in the city area of Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido, Japan. It was a project by International Royal Architecture, completed in 2010 and featuring a contemporary design based on a classic. Given the location and the fact that arctic winters some with lots of snow, the attention was directed towards the roof.

The A-Ring is located in Ishikawa, Japan and is the result of the third edition in the Aluminum House Project series. It was designed by Atelier TEKUTO and covers an area of 136.62 square meters. Completed in 2009, it features a main structure consisting of an aluminum ring made from four aluminum molds creating a ring-like shape.

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The architect points out that Japanese houses have to adapt to the changing of the season. The wood-burning stove anchors the living room and warms the entire house in the winter. As mentioned above, the big eaves created by the origami roof blocks the direct rays of the sun in the summer and the house is situated such that summer breezes flow south-to-north.

The Takanawa House is located in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan and it was completed in 2011. It was a project by Hiroyuki Ito + O.F.D.A. and sits on a site measuring 161.50 square meters. It’s a three-story residence with a façade featuring very few openings which gives the inhabitants a maximum of privacy from their neighbors. Structurally, the house consists of two box-like volumes with exterior courtyards.

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Parking at the “Reflection of Mineral” house in Shinjuku ward, Tokyo.

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“The origami roof stands from the earth like a tent, creates tolerant space and protects the life of the family,” writes the architect.

HouseM is located in Tochigi, Japan and was designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects. Completed in 2012, it features a total area of 63.87 square meters on a 138.75 square meter site. The residence is a one-story wooden structure and has a square-shaped kitchen area in the center. The rest of the rooms and radially spread around this space.

Toilet in “Reflection of Mineral” house. Photo by Atelier Tekuto.

The architect placed the living room and dining room at the center of the house to maximize the use of the internal space. The other rooms, including the kitchen, Japanese-style room, bedroom and bathroom surround the living room and kitchen.

The Matsubara House was designed by Hiroyuki Ito + O.F.D.A. and is located in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan. It sits on a site that measures only 70 square meters and has a building area of 39.71 square meters. The project was completed in 2008 and the house was designed to create a multi-impression effect. This means that, depending on the angle the house is viewed from, the design appears to be different every time.

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The name of this unique home in Japan is derived from its roof, which was modelled on origami paper shapes.

HouseT is a residence located in Tokyo, Japan that was completed in 2012. It was a project by Hiroyuki Shinozaki Architects built on a site measuring 70.31 square meters. There’s a great sense of openness inside the residence mostly because the levels are connected by columns and they each contain spaces for different daily activities. The open views are also very interesting and beautiful.

The double-height living room is at the center of the house. Photo © Masato Kawano

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The living room and kitchen are at the center of the house. Photo © Masato Kawano

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A wood-burning stove anchors the living room. Photo © Masato Kawano

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This building is a patisserie shop and it’s located in Azumacho, Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture 376-0032, Japan. It sits on an area of 682.32 square meters and was a project by Takato Tamagami Architectural Design. Originally, the building was a textile factory. In 2010 it was transformed into a patisserie shop. It features a very interesting roof that is actually only symbolic and that was discovered during the renovation.

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According to Atelier Tekuto, the zoning regulations required that the house had to comply to three different height restriction planes. “The complicated polyhedron volume was the result of maximizing the total buildable volume under these restriction plains [sic] intersecting at various angles.”

The end result resembles a piece of mineral jutting out of the ground, and the architect named it “Reflection of Mineral” house!

The Machi-Building is located in Fukuyama, Hiroshima, Japan. It was a project by UID Architects and was completed in 2011. The building covers an area of 104.16 square meters on a 130.24 square meter site and has a total floor area of 262.85 square meters. Originally built 40 years ago, the three-story structure had to be renovated and the goal was to preserve the past while looking towards the future.

Interior of “Reflection of Mineral” house. Photo by Atelier Tekuto.

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The owners of the land came to the architects at Atelier Tekuto with three requests:

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The Twin Megaphones, as the project was called, was developed by Atelier Tekuto, Yasuhiro Yamashita + Toshiyuki Fujimori. Located in Tokyo, Japan, the structure sits on a site measuring 236.46 square meters and has a total floor area of 213.08 square meters. He project was completed in 2011 and the design part took two and a half years. The fact that it took the team two to three times longer to come up with a design reflect the fact that they focused on closely examining all the needs and requests of the clients.

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Half terrace created by the origami roof. Photo © Masato Kawano

Located in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan, this double house was a project by Mejiro Studio + Kozo Kadowaki. It has an area of 165.1 square meters and was completed in 2010. The first floor of the residence consists of several small units while the second floor unifies them and creates a large one-volume space. Each level has a different function. The house features a timber frame and it’s a modern take on a conventional wooden house.

The 112-sqm (1,206 square feet) house was built for a couple on a site that has been in the family for several generations. The grandparents’ house is actually located on the adjacent plot, and a stone wall built by the grandfather encircles the building site. The architect decided to leave the wall and the foundation stone but designed the house to meet the needs of the young couple’s lifestyle.

Because it has contact with the ground it diminishes wind pressure and makes the whole structure more earthquake resistant; The big eaves block direct sunlight and protect the outer wall from rain and helps to circulate air through the house (the architect also situated the house so that in the summer, wind drafts flow from the south window to the north; It creates a covering for a half-open deck connected to the living room, which the architect envisions as a small gathering space for the people of the village

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In Japan, drivers have to prove that they have access to off-street parking, so architects are often asked to incorporate a parking space into the design of private homes. Building lots also tend to be small and irregularly shaped, and height restriction codes can require walls to be built at sharp angles. The result is sometimes a stunning piece of architecture.

The Hanaha House is located in Makinohara, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It was designed by mA-style architects and was completed in 2011. The residence sits on a 69.56 square meter site and has a total floor area of 124.216 square meters. The name of this project was given by the courtyard which is known as hanaha and is a spiral that allows users to walk through the flowers and trees and to enjoy them from all sides.

Would you like to live in a house like this? Please leave a comment!

For their home to a highly stimulating piece of architecture To achieve maximum liveable living space To have a covered parking space for their car

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The Niu House is located in Ikoma, Nara Prefecture, Japan, at the very end of the residential section developed in the 1970s. It was a project by Yoshihiro Yamamoto Architect Atlier and it was completed in 2012. The house was built on a site measuring 220.36 square meters and it’s surrounded by prefabricated houses on one side and old and traditional houses on the other.

Kitchen in “Reflection of Mineral” house. Photo by Atelier Tekuto.

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This residence is located in Hodogaya Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It was a project by THREE.BALL.CASCADE and features a contemporary design. Completed in 2012, the house has a total area of 117.59 square meters. Visually, it resembles a black compact structure with no openings on the street level except for the garage entrance. This provides a high level of privacy for the owners.

This is the case with the “Reflection of Mineral” house, a small residence located in Tokyo’s Shinjuku ward.

Located in Tokyo, Japan, this tall and narrow residence was built on a site that was an urban gap in between two buildings. The residence was designed by Florian Busch Architects and completed in 2011. It sits on an area measuring 153 square meters that is 22 meters deep and only 4.7 meters wide. It has three levels with alternating orientations and designs that redefine the concepts of inside and outside.

Architects in Japan also have to work with strict height and slant restrictions when designing buildings. These regulations are meant to protect smaller buildings from being completely shadowed by taller neighboring buildings. This is why you see so many mid-sized buildings in urban areas that have sloping walls.

House Yagiyama is located in Sendai, Miyagi, Japan and was designed by Kazuya Saito Architects. It’s a one-story residence that sits on a 468.96 meter site and has a total floor area of 137.47 square meters. Completed in 2012, the house was built for an old couple and, in order to offer them privacy, it has no windows on the outer walls. The skylights provide plenty of light as well as interesting views of the sky.

The M House was a project developed by D.I.G Architects. It’s located in Nagoya, Japan and sits on an area of 92.1 square meters. Completed in 2009, the house has a strong contemporary design. The narrow site dictated most of the design. The residence features a 22 meter long entrance that separates the two volumes while also introducing an urban influence into the interior décor.

Located in Osaka, Japan, this residence was designed for a family of four. It was completed in 2011 and covers an area of 94.46 meters. Thr project was developed by Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio. Originally, the site was occupied by a two-story wooden house. Instead of that, the client wanted this new home to be spacious and airy, filled with natural light and with plenty of plays paces for the children.

The origami roof has numerous functions besides sheltering the house:

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