Small House Design Inspiration

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Minimalist Modern Small House Design Inspiration

Small house design inspiration, For now, home design with a simple concept or often referred to as minimalism is still the most popular choice. Many architects or home designers choose to use a minimalist style in building a dream home that not only looks charming but is also comfortable to live in. With a simple feel, the minimalist building style can also be applied to small or large houses.

Small House Design Inspiration

Small House Design Inspiration

With a simple concept, choosing a minimalist style to build a small house is definitely the right choice. Even if you do not have enough land to build a house, the concept of minimalist building can work well. That way, you can still have a beautiful and comfortable home even with limited land.

The feature of a minimalist house is that the building is a bit denser with a more geometric or square shape. So you do not necessarily need too much soil size. You can also build a minimalist house with two or more storeys of construction that of course offers a wider area.

With a combination of neutral colors, modern elements, natural touches, and beautiful open spaces, the exterior appearance of a minimalist design house always looks stylish and attractive. You do not have to worry anymore when you have a small plot of land to build a house, because the minimalist concept will turn it into a beautiful and comfortable residence.

In this article, we have gathered the best inspiration for modern small house design with minimalist feel that will surely amaze you. You can make it a prime reference in building a dream home with relatively limited land.

Best Inspiration for Modern Small House Design

1. The small garden in front of the house is made to enhance the appearance of his less striking face.

Those are some of the best inspirations for modern small home design with minimalist nuances that you can use as a reference to build your dream home with limited land. With a minimalist concept, of course you do not have to worry about building a house with a size that is not too big.

The minimalist concept is able to turn a small area of ‚Äč‚Äčland into a beautiful and comfortable residence with careful layout and decoration. You will feel at home with the atmosphere and atmosphere offered by a minimalist house and will surely amaze everyone.

2. Modern Minimalist Small House Design

This mini-sized house looks quite unique with its simple exterior appearance with a special modern style. With its square shape, white dominance, and touch of wood elements, the inspiration of this house is perfect for those of you who want the exterior design of a modern minimalist house with minimal land size.

3. Simple Modern Small House Design

The ‘slim’ or elongated building style is indeed one of the best alternatives when you have limited land. On this inspiration, the house was built with a 2-storey construction with a rectangular shape.

The front view of the house is decorated with iron, walls, and wood materials left with a natural finish, creating an elegant rustic effect. The small front yard gives more space to enhance the comfort of the home.

4. Modern Contemporary Small House Design

The construction of this house was built with a small size but still looks very beautiful. Build a house made in a geometric style that is synonymous with the style of contemporary building. The glass doors and windows installed on the 1st and second floors provide a luxurious touch that also shows the interior of this house very beautifully.

5. Modern Small House Design with Neutral Tones

With very limited land, this minimalist house is built very effectively and efficiently. Construction on the 3rd floor with a not too large and unusual land area with a combination of neutral colors, this house looks very beautiful and comfortable to live in.

6. Modern 3 Storey Small House Design

This beautiful house consists of 3 floors aimed at overcoming the narrow existing land. The construction of the house is done in the style of a square building with white dominance featuring a modern exterior. The elements of wood and green plants also complement the front of the house very beautifully.

7. Modern Rustic Modern Small House Design

The superiority of the white and wood elements with a light brown finish creates a very bright front appearance with a beautiful rustic feel. The construction of the house is made in a rectangular style with two floors where the top floor is made higher and wider. Sliding doors and glass windows adorn the front of the house and add an elegant modern effect.

8. Modern Small House Design with Cabin Style

Inspired by the style of cabin building, this house looks quite unique. The basic construction is not too big and is built quite high with 3 floors. Its small shape does not consume much soil but still offers free space in it.

9. Simple Modern Small House Design

The design of this house looks very simple with a special minimalist character. The house is made in a compact shape with a square shape without significant accents. The combination of white and gray on the front of the house also looks simple but still attractive, especially with the large glass windows on one side of the house.

10. Modern Small House Design with Gray Color

This minimalist house looks very elegant with a simple combination of gray and white. The house building is made with a modern concept with a charming square shape. The home yard complete with outdoor garage beautifies the exterior of the house while offering more space.

11. Modern Classic Small House Design

The exterior appearance of this one house combines modern and classic style which makes it look very unique. The black brick decoration gives a very attractive touch to the overall look of the white painted house.

This house is built with a 3 storey construction so that it can accommodate a lot of space in it even though the land area is not too wide. The glass doors and windows that adorn the front of the house also make it look more luxurious.

12. Modern 2 Storey Small House Design

Two-storey house construction is always the best solution when you have limited land to build a house. The inspiration for this one house is built with an area that is not too big but the construction of two floors can overcome the problem of limited space.

The overall appearance of the house is dominated by white and enriched with wooden elements. Grass-filled front yard and greenery give a fresh atmosphere and the exterior looks more colorful.

13. Contemporary Modern Small House Design

The design of this house has a special contemporary style with geometric buildings built as if it were a multi-storey. The combination of white and gray also gives a modern minimalist effect that of course looks very stylish. The elements of wood and stone give another style to the whole look of a house that tends to look neutral without striking decor.

14. Modern Minimalist Small House Design

Despite its small size, this minimalist concept house looks very stylish with its exterior decoration. The dominance of neutral colors with a touch of wood is still the mainstay to beautify the exterior appearance which is very inspiring to imitate

The construction of this building consists of two floors complete with balcony, small garden picture and front yard. The shape of the house in the square style not only saves space but also always looks charming.

15. Black Modern Small House Design

For those of you who want a small house with a construction of more than two floors, you can make this inspiration your main reference. The house was built with high enough construction to surround the limited land flanked by two buildings.

The construction of the house consists of 3 floors with a geometric appearance with minimalist features. The black color that adorns almost the entire exterior of the house makes it look more modern and stylish.

16. Elegant Modern Small House Design

With the construction of a square building dominated by black and white, this house looks very elegant. Geometric wall accents also complement the exterior appearance on the second floor which makes it even more attractive. The touch of stone, wood, and greenery adds to the fresh atmosphere in this very charming home.

17. Simple Modern Small House Design

The look of this house looks simple but still stylish with a combination of black, gray, and wood touches. Although small in size, the house has quite complete rooms such as a terrace, balcony and garage which makes it very comfortable to live in.

18. Rural Modern Small House Design

The design of the first house was made with a rural concept where the front view was dominated by natural elements such as wood and stone. Almost the entire exterior walls are covered with wooden planks that evoke a thick rustic feel. Then the natural stone made as if it were the main door frame beautified the whole appearance of this house.

The construction of the house is made in a square style so that it features a special modern effect. Several glass windows are installed on the side of the house to further reinforce the modern feel.

Make your minimalist home as beautiful and comfortable as possible even if the land is not too big. Build each room as effectively and efficiently as possible. Pay attention to the arrangement of furniture, lighting, and color combinations so that each room radiates a positive aura that makes you feel more at home.

Choose the best design that suits your needs and tastes and build a modern small house with a minimalist feel now!

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