Simple Window Designs

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Simple Window Designs
Combining contemporary and nation home plans can imply combining rustic supplies resembling slate flooring, exposed ceiling beams, and kitchens with modern chrome steel home equipment , plastic laminated cupboards , glass shelving and butcher block countertops. The final result is a recent kitchen which is serviceable and has a comfy , rustic feel. Modern design is about smooth surfaces equivalent to glass and stainless-steel , and the use of daring colors.

Earlier than we go right down to the precise theme of up to date house plans, it`s essential to know the basic options of a modern household. For starters contemporary house plan has large home windows to offer a lightweight and comfortable ambiance, excessive ceilings, versatile and steady floor plan to accommodate modern furnishings and fixtures; and usage of modern materials, resembling glass, metal , vinyl, stone, marble, and so on.

House designs are highly effective symbols that you should use to create a statement to the world on who you are. Buildings have a protracted lifespan and can continue speaking your statement to the world lengthy after your departure. House designs are also a mark of self-actualization.

Mid-Century Trendy house plans are growing in reputation from New York to LA and everywhere in between. These plans include historic Eichler designs from the 1960s, as well as recent home plans inspired by the long-lasting `Case Examine ` modern houses in Los Angeles of the late Nineteen Forties and early 1950s. Led by Dwell magazine , the mid century aesthetic of open plans, giant home windows and minimal detailing is rising as one of many key design traits of the early twenty first century.
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Aesthetics and personal preferences – Probably one of the most important factors early on in determining the roof design of your home is your personal tastes in style. If you have strong preferences toward a specific roof design, this might be the deciding factor above all other variables.

Cost – The simpler the roof design the cheaper it costs. Large cantilevers, complex angles, lots of individual roofs, steep slopes, and multiple roof edge flashing pieces add to the cost of your roof system – as does the type of framing system, roofing material, and insulation type.

When in doubt, keep it simple. Roof function – Would you like to have rooftop access? Would you like to eek out a little extra floor space for a loft? Do you want a higher roof and clerestory windows? Building geometry/design – The shape of your building plays a part in determining the best roof system.

A square-ish floor plan might look and function better with a flat roof as opposed to a shed roof. If you want more natural light and clerestories you might want a shed roof. Adjacent building/surroundings geometries – Do you want your house to fit in with the neighboring houses on your street? If so, maybe your roof profile wants to be similar to them.

Or maybe you want to orient your views in a certain direction away from onlooking neighbor’s houses. Each of these considerations play into the overall roof design. Zoning and planning regulations – Planning committees, zoning regulations, and design review boards may have specific limitations and restrictions on what you can do with your roof.

There may be codes for maximum roof heights or planning ordinances governing the shape or material of your roof. Make sure you do your due diligence and find out what governmental agencies might influence your design.

A few key pieces (desk, chair, floating shelves) can transform a quiet sleeping space into an efficient work area. If space permits, try and keep the zones distinct from one another by setting the work area away from the bed. The trick is making sure all of the decorative elements (color palette, furniture finishes) play well together.

[Building project 2015 by the graduate students of Yale School of Architecture.]

If you’re under the impression that you need a spare room or a huge master bedroom to set up a workspace in your home, you’re wrong (although both sound quite nice). Brilliant work-friendly spaces can emerge from a spare corner, a few inches of a wall, or other areas you never thought to explore. Sounds too good to be true? Take a peek.

Modern flat roofs with parapet walls: The first example below shows a hybrid of traditional flat roofs. The cantilevered roof overhangs have a gravel stop metal flashing piece at the roof edge concealing the slope. The main roof beyond has a coping cap flashing piece over the parapet wall.

[Nancy Creek Guesthouse by Philip Babb Architect. Photo by John Clemmer Photography.]

Kitchen on one side; office on the other. A simple architectural detail can divide a space without making it feel out of place. Keeping the color palette consistent and neutral will allow you to bring in all sorts of utilitarian pieces like file cabinets, storage containers, and shelves for organizing items.

Here’s a few other interesting examples of modern roof designs:

Dare to add color? Just do it. If your space is on the darker side (navy walls, metal cabinet, wooden accent pieces), then rely on your chair and table lamp for the sharp bursts of color.

Uses & Benefits: Modern architecture has traditionally been characterized by flat roofs. Flat roofs create long horizontal planes, reminiscent of the broad horizon line seen often in nature. They’re simple in form and function, and are a good example of the modernist principle of “clean lines”.

Framing & Insulation: Gable roof framing typically consists of either a ridge beam and sloped rafters or prefabricated wood trusses. Other framing strategies include timber framing and SIPs.

One wall can be easily divided into two productive spaces. A smart design choice would be one long desktop (it should be large enough for two people to comfortably work side by side) and sleek roll up chairs.

What are your ideas and thoughts on simple modern roof designs? We’d love to hear from you. Share them in the comments below. [Featured image: Glass and Wood House by Kengo Kuma. Photo by Scott Frances.]

Framing & Insulation: Flat roof framing is relatively straightforward. It can be framed like a floor system with horizontal framing members at 16″ 19″ or 24″ o.c. Depending on the span, many different materials can frame a flat roof: 2x framing, wood joists, timber framing, laminated beams, steel, concrete, or SIPS. This flexibility in design allows for more opportunities on how the ceiling can be detailed and if the framing members are concealed or exposed.

[House for Julia and Björn by Innauer Matt Architects. Photo by Adolf Bereuter.] ]

Flat roofs can cantilever into daring overhangs for shade protection and solar gain control. They can be planted to create usable vegetated gardens and green roofs. They can even be accessible, unlike other roof styles, providing additional living space and used for viewing platforms displaying panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

On larger roofs, it’s probably cheaper to use tapered foam insulation on top of the roof sheathing. On small jobs, ripping down 2x4s into wedges and nailing them to the joists is probably more cost effective.

There’s always the option of sloping the roof framing entirely but that’s usually over-complicating things.

Ultimately, your roof design comes down to the following variables and how important each is to your project goals.

[Seaview House by Jackson Clements Burrows Architects. Photo by Shannon McGrath.]

In the first example, the use of wood cladding as both wall and gable soffit helps tie the overhead roof structure to the walls visually, making the volume read as one element. 

The gable roof design in the example below is simple, clean, and modern. Notice how the eave and rake overhangs of traditional gable roofs is eliminated for a clean edge profile where the wall siding butts right up to the roof flashing. Nice.

[Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio. Photo by Paul Bardagjy.]

[Kensington House by Virginia Kerridge Architect. Photo courtesy Virginia Kerridge Architect.]

Framing & Insulation: The framing system for shed roofs is straightforward and similar to that of flat roofs. Because the roof slope is steeper than for flat roofs, it makes much more sense to slope the roof framing in this case to follow the roof pitch.

The space that was once called your office is now filled with toddler toys, a crib, and possibly even princess décor. Think that means you must wave good-bye to your workspace? Think again. Be creative about your set-up and no one will ever notice that your (pink!) desk is part of your daughter’s room.

Count on this workspace growing with your child and eventually turning into her area for reading, writing, and tackling alegbra homework.

The unfortunate side effect of such a modest slope is that the angle isn’t big enough to look intentional. It can sometimes actually look “crooked” to the eye, which isn’t a good design move. There are creative ways to hide this “crooked” eave. One way is to design the roof to have a parapet wall covering the roof edge. Another is to create a custom gravel stop/drip edge flashing piece that changes profile along the length of the roof to compensate for the change in pitch. The intent is to create a uniform edge on the outside but a varying profile on the inside along the sloping roof. Unfortunately, the downside to this is a thicker roof profile.

There are many ways to insulate a gable roof depending on what the ceiling is doing underneath. In most cases, if prefabricated wood trusses are used, it’s usually assumed that a flat ceiling is provided below the trusses. (Most prefab trusses aren’t easy on the eyes and want to be concealed.) In this case, batt insulation is usually installed on top of the ceiling between trusses chords and the space is used as an attic.

Achieving a modern look goes beyond roof profiles, though. It’s the whole house design that makes houses modern. Roof profiles are just one design piece to the puzzle. Getting the other details right like geometric forms, clean lines, simple materials, and daylighting are also important.

[Maison Glissade by Atelier Kastelic Buffey. Photo by Peter A. Sellar.]

There’s no reason a little sunlight should cramp your decorating style. Set a desk and chair in front of a window to help get the creative juices flowing. Keep the furniture in sync with the existing pieces (here, it’s black and blush) so it blends seamlessly with the entire look.

Uses & Benefits: The gable roof has long been a part of traditional architectural history. Ask any child to draw a house and they’ll draw a house with a gable roof. So how has this historically traditional roof design found its way into modern architecture?

A gable roof provides the opportunity for additional floor space in the roof volume, like a loft or attic space. It can also lend itself nicely to dormers, which increases the usable floor area and natural daylight entering the space.

Rainwater Discharge: Similar to shed roofs, simple gable roofs are easily drained of rainwater. Water sheds down both pitches where it collects into gutters and then channels into downspouts.

AND it’s not always an easy one. Sometimes it’s cut and dry from the beginning, other times you may have to flush out other parts of the design before deciding on the best roof shape.

Insulation can be located between ceiling joists or above the roof sheathing. It can be batt insulation, spray foam insulation, rigid board insulation or SIPs. Just don’t forget to determine if your roof needs to be vented.

If you’re looking for design inspiration and information on simple modern roof designs, stick around and keep reading. We’ll walk through the most popular modern roofs, talk about aesthetics, best uses & benefits, technical construction methods, and planning considerations.

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Notice how shed roofs are great for clerestory windows. They let in lots of natural light along the high side of the roof.

While the flat roof has prevailed as the stereotypical modern roof form, it doesn’t have to be the case. Recently, we’ve seen some great examples of architects, designers, and homeowners who have turned other roof types into modern marvels. Let’s take a look.

Rainwater discharge: Contrary to its name, a flat roof isn’t actually flat. Flat roofs are built with a slight pitch of at least 1/8″ per foot so water can drain – either to centralized drains, scuppers, or a gutter system.

Roof framing members can be any number of materials, depending on the span. Similar to flat roofs, various ceiling aesthetics can be achieved, as well. And depending on your design preference, roof framing members can be concealed above the ceiling or left exposed below. There’s a lot of possibilities.

Rainwater Discharge: As the name implies, shed roofs shed water to one side. The ability to easy collect and store/drain rainwater is a nice benefit. A straightforward drainage design includes a single gutter that collects water and channels it into downspouts.

Simple modern shed roof designs: Notice the thin roof edge profile of this first example.  

[Case Inlet Retreat by Mw|works Architecture. Photo by Jeremy Bittermann Photography.]

Iconic modern roofs: Cantelievered roofs for shading, solar gain, rain cover, and roof access. 

In the second example, zoning requirements required a gable roof yet the homeowners yearned for a flat roof. So the roof design creatively marries the two roof profiles by tricking the eye into seeing a flat roof with a gable in the background. This was masterfully pulled off in detailing the facade with a change in color and material at the roof line.  

Let’s take a look at the most popular characteristics of simple modern roof designs.

In cases where the ceiling is vaulted, insulation can occur between the framing members or on top of the roof sheathing so that you maximize the amount of usable volume in the roof space.

[Holiday Region Utrecht by Zecc Architecten]. Photo by StijnStijl.]

In the second example, the continuous metal cladding wraps both the roof and wall surface. This uninterrupted transition is just one way some gable roof designs have successfully made the leap to modernism. 

Got a corner? Work it. Even a formal living room can accommodate a work zone. Sneak in a table, chair, and a few office accessories (task lamp, storage bins) so you have a spot to retreat to for working on an assignment, writing a letter, or reading the paper.

One of the advantages of shed roofs is their ability to provide higher ceilings and clerestory windows along the high side of the roof. This allows for greater natural light, enhanced views, and a greater sense of spaciousness and volume.

Uses & Benefits: Shed roofs are another example of clean, simple, and functional roof structures. The simple roof line can lend itself to modernist design quite nicely. Shed roofs are best for when you want to let an abundance of light and replace the sometimes impractical attic space with more interior volume.

[Moore Park Residence by Drew Mandel Architects. Photo by Ben Rahn /A-Frame and Naomi Finlay.]

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[Gallery House by DeForest Architects.  Photo by Ben Benschneider Photography.]

In these last two examples, the architects got a little creative in their roof designs. In the first one, the roof design uses two shed roofs (or splits the gable roof in half) and adds a green roof.

In the following examples, the architects take the modern idea of using geometric volumes and reimagine the whole envelope design with a unified, cohesive approach.  They use the exterior cladding material on both wall and roof/ceiling planes to emphasize uniformity and a pure volume.

Go bold. Think bright. If you want to carve out a space for your child to get homework done, keep the color scheme cool, invigorating, and fun. Add shelving and functional storage accessories that work with his or her style.

When you’re short on space, a bare wall can be a valuable asset. Consider building up (rather than always extending wide). Simple, easy-to-install floating shelves or bookcases are a practical way to maximize your office area.

For starters, the gable roof is a very simple, straightforward, and functional design – all modern characteristics. Pitched roofs can take on various aesthetics that when detailed right, can exude a modern feel.

Another advantage of shed roofs is that like flat roofs, large overhangs can be created to help passively control solar heat gain. The slope of the roof can be designed to block out direct solar gain in the summer yet let it shine into the house in the winter.

The flat roof, the shed roof, and the gable roof are the best and most common examples of simple modern roof designs. But, there are obviously variations to these simple roof designs that still lend themselves to a modern aesthetic, whether it’s combining roof profiles, manipulating them, or varying them in some way.

Simple modern roof designs are becoming more and more popular in recent years. A quick look through Dwell magazine, ArchDaily or on Pinterest will tell you there’s more interest in modern residential architecture and the simplicity in form and function that it encompasses, not to mention the cost advantages of a simpler roof.

Notice how these two projects combine multiple simple roof forms while still creating a simple unified roof scheme. The first one combines flat and gable roofs, while the second combines a series of gables. 

This simple gable roof uses an internal gutter system to simplify the roof design.  Inside, the gable roof structure creates a nice articulated vaulted ceiling and allows space for a sleeping loft.

Simple modern gable roof designs: Notice the modern details of the rest of the house convince you that a gable roof CAN be modern. Traditional rake and eave detailing have been replaced with thin profile lines. Additional usable space can be carved out of the gable roof volume for loft spaces.

Another reason for a gable roof shape is to take advantage of a vaulted ceiling. Vaulted ceilings add volume to the space, which is why many modern house designs with gable roofs take advantage of vaulted ceilings – so they can a loft space.

[House M by CAAN Architecten. Photo courtesy Caan Architecten.]

The main purpose of the roof is to provide protection from weather.  But it also plays a very large part in the overall look and style of the whole house, the energy efficiency, and durability. Choosing the right roof design is an important decision.

On the interior, the spaces feel spacious with the vaulted ceiling. Continuing the wood cladding on the walls and ceiling is a nice touch to bring continuity to the space.

If you design, build, and flash your roof properly (and keep up with maintenance) a good roof won’t leak. That’s why it must be emphasized that a quality roofing contractor is important. An architect, designer or engineer can assist with the roof design and framing plans, but a good, experienced roofer is indispensable. It’s the roofer who installs the underlayment, roofing material, and flashing pieces – all vital installations that are critical to a dry and warm (or cool) home for years to come – regardless of the shape and profile of your roof.

A nook is really all you need to make a spot work for you. In fact, a spare surface can easily transform into the most productive place in a home or apartment. Installing extra shelving reinvents this living room into a working and/or studying space.

Hanging a decorative curtain can give you a little extra privacy for those late nights when you need to step away.

The other example below shows wall cladding extending all the way up to the top of the parapet wall, concealing the sloping roof plane that exists behind the top of the wall. 

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