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UBS’s Ermotti Leaves Banking in Pandemic Drift
Few European banking bosses have survived this long since the global financial crisis. After nine years at the helm of UBS Group AG, the world’s biggest wealth manager, Sergio Ermotti will stand down ...

Ivory Coast’s election is already chaotic. Many fear it could spark another conflict.
ABIDJAN, Ivory Coast — This year's presidential election was supposed to be a peaceful transfer of power, a democratic success after a history of mutiny and civil war. But dozens have died in street ...

Republicans shift from challenging rules to preparing to challenge individual ballots
In Nevada, the Trump campaign filed a lawsuit this week seeking images of the signature of every registered voter in Democratic-leaning Clark County — a potential first step toward challenging ...

Looking to get traded in the NFL? Make sure you’re logged on to Twitter.
The Cincinnati Bengals are the latest NFL team to see players push to be traded via social media, with two in the past week.

Justice Dept. quietly curtailed civil rights investigation into Tamir Rice killing
Prosecutors were not allowed to convene a grand jury to compel witness testimony in the police-shooting investigation, sparking a whistleblower complaint.

What If Stocks Don’t Always Go Up? Advice for Millennials
When the history of the modern financial era is written, there’s one comment that’s almost certain to merit inclusion: “Stocks only go up!” Sports-blogger turned day-trader Dave Portnoy’s pithy ...

Congressional Black Caucus PAC aims to rally infrequent Black voters to help increase Democratic majority
The CBC is looking to educate disengaged Black voters about the importance of down-ballot races in this year's election.

The absurd legal theory conservative judges are using to restrict voting
A novel legal theory is surging among conservative judges and justices. The notion is that, under the Constitution, only state legislatures — without any input from state executives or courts — may ...

Taulia Tagovailoa rallies Maryland past Minnesota in overtime
Maryland quarterback Taulia Tagovailoa looked like a different player Friday night in his home debut. He bore no resemblance to the rattled sophomore who struggled last week in the Terps’ opener, ...

What to watch this weekend: ‘Holiday Wars’ on Food Network
Roadkill” on PBS Masterpiece.

Biden and Trump chase votes and toss insults across the upper Midwest
The presidential race barreled into a region that gave Trump his win in 2016 and that Biden seeks to deny him next week.

One weekend gives Halloween, full moon, blue moon, time change
For one thing, even if politically this turns out not to be a time of change, we will still have a change of time. That, of course, is the shift from daylight to standard time. It is far from the ...