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Paint Colors For Living Room With Burgundy Carpet

Combining contemporary and nation home plans can imply combining rustic materials reminiscent of slate flooring, uncovered ceiling beams, and kitchens with modern stainless-steel home equipment , plastic laminated cabinets , glass shelving and butcher block countertops. The ultimate result`s a contemporary kitchen which is serviceable and has a comfortable , rustic feel. Contemporary design is about smooth surfaces corresponding to glass and stainless-steel , and the usage of daring colors.

Earlier than we go down to the precise theme of latest house plans, that you must know the fundamental features of a modern household. For starters up to date house plan has giant windows to provide a light and comfortable atmosphere, high ceilings, flexible and continuous flooring plan to accommodate modern furniture and fixtures; and utilization of modern supplies, resembling glass, metal , vinyl, stone, marble, and so on.

Home designs are powerful symbols that you need to use to create a statement to the world on who you are. Buildings have an extended lifespan and will continue communicating your assertion to the world long after your departure. House designs are also a mark of self-actualization.

Mid-Century Modern house plans are growing in reputation from New York to LA and in all places in between. These plans include historic Eichler designs from the Nineteen Sixties, as well as latest home plans impressed by the iconic `Case Study ` modern houses in Los Angeles of the late Forties and early 1950s. Led by Dwell journal , the mid century aesthetic of open plans, giant windows and minimal detailing is emerging as one of many key design developments of the early twenty first century.

Paint Colors For Living Room With Burgundy Carpet Paint Colors For Living Room With Burgundy Carpet

Again, any of the tones of blue on these paint color strips, as well as all of the burgundy and gold tones covered earlier in this post would work with the carpet. If you like, you can go for an exact match, or something that is darker or lighter. If you are afraid a color might be too dark to live with, pick the next lighter version of the color on that single paint color strip and that should be fine. The thing is that, if you can isolate your original color on a paint color strip, any of the lighter or darker colors will work with your inspiration piece.

A friend has burgundy carpet in her son’s room, and they painted the walls a beige color with white trim. It looked really good. (05/16/2005)

So there you have it, a look at how I pulled colors from my oriental carpet and created, what I think is a warm and inviting TV room.  I choose to have red walls, but how different it would look if I did them in a dark version of the colonial blue, or even one of the golden tones.  My objective with this post was to get you looking at, and thinking about using color, and even pattern and how to work color and pattern around a room to create something that is beautiful.  Now I want you to go through better decorating magazines like Veranda, House Beautiful, Architectural Digest, etc and see what the pros did. Knowing some basics of design, you will be able to understand what others have done.  The pictures in magazines will not be just pretty things, but knowing some basics, you will be able to look at them and know why they look pleasing to you.  Happy Decorating!

Satiera Answers: Wall Colors For Room With Burgundy Colored Carpet

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Dark green and cream colors. I have a room like that. I placed a dark green on the bottom, a chair rail that is painted burgundy and cream on top. I also painted one of the walls all dark green (no chair rail). Maybe you could do that with the wall that the bed goes on. It looks so nice. (05/17/2005)

Next look at the patterns in the room. The oriental carpet is composed of round-arching shaped elements (flowers and leaves). The pattern of the carpet is considered small. Now look at the throw on the sofa. It is composed of the same colors as the rug and also has rounded-arching shapes, but the pattern is larger scaled, and the large burgundy red spaces on it make it more relaxed looking than the much more busy rug.

Finally, look at how the gold of the carpet is also used on the two chairs on the left side of the room, and how it is seen on the pillows and throw on the sofa, as well as on the large painting in the form of the cats, and how it is also seen as the framing for the artwork. Interior decorating really all about moving color, pattern and texture from floor, up onto the walls, and even to the ceiling.

Go to the paint chip rack at your local Home Depot, Lowe’s, wherever. Find your color of carpet, and go straight across to the oranges. The one in direct line with your burgundy color chip will be a good color choice. These displays are set up this way. I believe it works vertically as well. (02/24/2008)

Looking at the room from this side, you can also see that the green from the two throw pillows on the modular sofa (talked about earlier), appears as the color of the Norfolk Island Pine, is part of the color story of one of the prints, and is seen on the painted door.

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Pick a tint of the burgundy, pale brownish rose, something that is the same color family, but much lighter. From the picture the room looks long and narrow, so something that will make the room look larger and especially wider might be best. It might help to paint the brick also. Built in cabinets on either side of brick might be a solution to give the room more unity. And a place to put things.

When interior decorating a room you normally want to work with four colors: one Predominate color, one Subordinate color and one or two Accent colors, (plus the color white). The Predominate color is the first color that you see when entering a room, as it is probably the strongest color and used the most in the space. The Subordinate color is the second most used color in a room. Finally, the accent colors are colors that are used sparing, here and there in the space.

You did not say what color you are using or plan to use for your bed accessories so I assume these will add another dimension to the grays and burgundy.You can visit whatever store you plan to purchase your paint and tell them what you want and they should be able to help you pick out a shade that will be correct when actually on your walls.

Most of these stores also sell a small container (some give it free) of the paint you like for you to test on your wall as wet paint is not always the same shade after it dries.They also have color cards for you to take home – even Walmart has these.

You did not mention curtains?

I agree with those who said cream or light grey. A light shade of old gold would be good, too. (02/13/2008)

I have a burgundy carpet, and I’d like to paint my walls. What color do you recommend? I was thinking about orange. What do you think? I live in small apartment, my furniture is beige.

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Question: Gray Paint Color Advice to Coordinate with Burgundy Carpet

I have a pair of sheets from the 80s. The fitted sheet has burgundy roses tied with blue ribbons on a very light gray background & the flat sheet is a dark charcoal color.

Burgundy and orange would clash terribly (unless that’s the look you’re going for), they’re not even in the same color family. With your beige furniture a medium pink would be better. (02/12/2008)

I’d recommend a latte or almond colour. It won’t date and you won’t get sick of it. (03/25/2007)

The paint color strip on the left shows tones of gold that are a bit on the orange side of gold. The paint strip in the middle shows golden tones that are a bit brown, and the paint color strip on the right has subtle green undertones. When looking at different parts of the carpet, where burgundy is next to gold, the eye wants to blend the two in a pointillist kind of way, which creates a more orange toned gold (yellow + red = orange), and in places where gold is next to the colonial blue, a kind of green appears (yellow + blue = green).

How to Pick Paint Colors that go with an Oriental Rug/Carpet

The two accent colors on this oriental carpet are colonial blue and navy blue; the above photo shows paint color strips that possess those colors. The paint color strips, again were next to each other in the paint color fan.

Be bold. I think dark purple and deep golds and oranges work great with burgundy. You could go for a sort of Indian or Moroccan motif. Nowadays almost anything goes with wall colors. Choose some great paintings or wall hangings that integrate all the colors you use. Have fun. (05/16/2005)

For I boy I would go with a khaki colored wall and accent with navy blue and deep brick reds, would actually look really good with some of the sporty motif. Many have burgundy as the main color. (05/18/2005) Wall Colors For Room With Burgundy Colored Carpet

I am decorating a toddlers room that has a burgundy color carpet. Do you have any suggestions on wall colors?

A slate gray with golden hues. Any paint store can help you.

Unless the room is very large, I would go with an off white. White makes a room look larger and it goes with everything.

I think a light shade of beige, eggshell, off white, or a light gray would all be good choices. (02/12/2008)

First of all look at the three dark versions of the navy blue at the bottom of the paint color strips, seen next to the pin that holds the fan together; they are the shades (darkest value) of each of the different blues on each of the individual paint color strips. On this oriental carpet, the darkest shade, and a lighter version of that color make up the two accent colors used to create the rug.

Looking at all three of the paint color strips, from the darkest shade to the lightest tint, any of the colors seen would work with the burgundy of the oriental rug. If a person wants something dramatic, the darker versions of the colors from the paint color strips would be great. If a person wants something a bit lighter, they could choose from the middle colors on the strip, which I call jewel pastels; and if they want something that just has a hint of the color, they could pick the lightest versions on the ends of the strips. Being that the lightest versions are really watered down (white added) versions of the darkest shades, they are all part of the same family of colors.

You have a lot going on in that room already so I’d keep the wall color very subdued. Maybe an ivory or bone, something like that.

I would go with a neutral, a taupe, beige or very light gray. Any of those would work and any prospective buyer would not find them offensive.

Looking separately at each of these three paint color strips, you see both shades and tints of each color on that one paint color strips. The darkest color is called the shade, and each of the consecutively lighter colors, on that paint color strip, have different amounts of pure white added to them to lighten the colors. The lightest color at the end of the strip is called a tint, as it is the lightest version of that color produced by the paint manufacturer.

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Cinthia from Los Angeles, CAAnswers: Painting Walls to Coordinate With Burgundy Carpet

Now look at the paint color strip on the left, it shows tones of colonial blue that are a bit purple. The paint color strip in the center shows tones of colonial blue that are a bit gray, and the strip on the right, ever so slightly possessed green tones.

When painting walls a dark color, or a middle range color ( a jewel pastel) get the paint in an egg-shell, satin finish, or even semi gloss finish, as dark colors can easily bruise if brushed up against, which shows a lighter kind of scuff mark.  The shinier paint finishes provide a more protective/washable coating to the color.

The three paint color strips, seen in the above photo, show the predominate color of the rug, and are found consecutively next to each other in the paint color fan. All three, in different lights, work well with the burgundy of the rug. The paint color strip on the left is a burgundy that is a bit more plum colored, as it has more blue in it. The paint color strip in the center is a bit more red, and the deep dark red, on the right has some yellow/golden undertones to it, which send those paint colors in the salmon direction.

I have painted my walls a very light pink. They look soft and warm with the burgundy. 99% white 1% pink! (02/12/2008)

Looking from the sofa you can see the other side of my TV room. First notice the wallpaper border that runs around the top of the room, below the crown molding; it is composed of different tones of burgundy, colonial and navy blue. Secondly notice the two striped pillows on the two gold club chairs. They are mates of the one opposite them on the sofa. Look at my collection of Audrey Grendahl Kuhn original serigraphs, she is an artist friend of mine, we did shows together, back in the day. All of Audrey’s prints, as well as the door that I painted have the four colors in them that are pulled from the oriental carpet. In the foreground you see a Chinese bench, it too keeps the red working around the room.

Your carpet color plays an important role in choosing a wall paint color. This is a guide about painting walls to coordinate with burgundy carpet.

Now let’s look at the room again and how the colors, pulled from the rug, were worked around the space.

I would definitely keep it light and bright. Start with white walls. Add a navy or beige 12 inch strip about chair rail height, all around the room. Then stencil cars, trucks, road signs, etc., around this strip (for boys), or flowers, little animals, etc. (for girls). Be creative. You can hang pictures of family members above the strip, or start a theme of some kind. Have fun. (05/17/2005)

A cousin of mine has burgundy carpet all through her house and in her daughter’s room, she went with pretty colors of pinks, lavenders, and sage. The walls are light pink and a sage green chair rail stripe along the wall. Then she added small accents of burgundy in some silk flowers in cute colorful vases. She also took a plain burgundy pillow and attached pink flowers all over it. Then added pretty lavender floral pillows in girly designs. She then did a cute floor rug to match the bedding and brighten up the carpet. The curtains are sheers in pinks and lavenders. The valance is a solid pink with silk flowers attached. She gets compliments from all who see the room. it’s very pretty.

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How about a medium green with a slightly yellowish tone?Marg from England.

Interior decorating is really all about working color, pattern and texture around a space.  In most cases, no color, pattern or texture should ever be seen only in one spot in a room, as the eye will go to it and stay there. By using color pattern and texture in many places in a room it keeps the eye moving around the space.

Now look at the above photograph of my TV room. The inspiration piece for the room was the oriental rug. The burgundy of the carpet is seen moving up onto the modular sofa in the form of the pillows and the throw. The burgundy red them becomes the wall color, and is also seen as part of the color story of the wallpaper border that runs around the top of the room by the ceiling (it is view-able in the next photo). Also notice how the artworks also have some red in them, which keeps the red moving around that side of the room.

What color do I paint the living room walls? I have black furniture, wrought iron with glass tables, and burgundy carpet and curtains? I am wanting to sell.

Taupe/beige looks great. My daughter in law had the beige carpet and did one large wall burgundy, the others 3 light sand.

If you have burgundy carpet it would look very loud and gaudy to paint your walls orange! Burgundy coordinates well with beige with splash of red or burgundy accessories here and there. Burgundy is very easy to contrast or coordinate with a few bits and pieces of black accessories. (05/18/2008)

An earthy gold color looks great with burgundy. You could also put some burgundy and gold striped pillows on the couch to bring the colors together. (02/12/2008)

In interior decorating there are predominate, subordinate and accent colors in a room, and there are also predominate, subordinate and accent fabrics, and in this room the throw is the predominate fabric, because of its pattern size. The second most seen fabric (subordinate fabric), which also has all of the colors seen in the carpet are the striped pillows. One is on the sofa, and two others are on the gold toned club chairs on the other side of the room (seen in the next photo). The striped pillows also have a green stripe in them, that is why the two small green pillows also work in the room. At the center of the sofa is a pillow with a solid background. Because of the large amount of its background color, and its subdued pattern, in a way it reads as a solid.  The oriental carpet, even though it was the inspiration piece, really turned out to be one of the accents. The next photo shows the throw, a striped pillow and the rug next to each other so you can see the different sizes/strengths of the patterns.

My bedroom has burgundy carpet and a bed that is gray (medium gray. I would like a lighter gray for walls. What type of gray paint is light, but has no blue tones?

I always wanted to do a room in those colors with light gray walls, charcoal trim & burgundy for either the carpet, furniture or accessories and maybe blue pillows.

The three paint color strips, shown above, are what I feel are the subordinate, second most seen colors on the rug. Golden tones appear in many of the leaves and flowers, as well as the background of the border. All three paint color strips, which are next to each other in the paint color fan, possess tones of gold that are seen in different times of the day on the rug; depending on personal taste, any of them would work.

Looking at the above photo and the cover shot for this post (click on photos to enlarge) you can see that burgundy is the predominate color of the oriental carpet. Starting with the predominate color burgundy, I found three dark samples of that color that I think look similar to the color found on the carpet; they are at the bottom of the paint color strips closest to the pin that holds the Sherwin Williams paint color fan together. When looking for paint colors get samples from many different paint companies, as every paint manufacturer produces different versions of colors. No paint color will be an exact match to something like the color of the wool oriental carpet, but try to find something that looks good, even if it is not a 100% perfect.

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Picking Paint Colors that go with, in this case, a predominately Burgundy oriental rug.

I think medium or pale pink walls for girls or light grey for boys. Then use different shades of pink for pillows, spreads, etc., for girls or black, burgundy and grey, for boys. (05/17/2005)

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I think pure white or creams would make the room look elegant. Try using golds as an accent color. (07/30/2007)

I painted my living room a rust. My entry way, I am thinking of painting a gold color. My rug is burgundy. (10/25/2008)

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What color should I paint the walls in my living room? It has a deep burgundy carpet and a red brick wall with the flat TV screen on it.

When interior decorating a single room, or a whole house you have to start somewhere. A colorful oriental carpet, also thought of as an inspiration piece will provide many color options for you to work with. This post is about looking at paint color strips, matching them to your inspiration piece and working with shades, tones and tints of color as the professional decorators do.

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Nice looking headboard. You have the foundation for several colors as accents to go with your gray walls.

Now look at the room again. Notice how the colonial blue of the rug moves up onto the sofa, and forms the top of the balloon valances, which are part of the window treatments. The colonial blue also appears as part of the wallpaper border that is seen in the next photo.

My bathroom is burgundy and very light pink. I also use a seafoam green for accents.

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