Modern White House Design

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Modern White House Design All-White Minimalist House

Modern white house design

Modern white house design, a small all-white minimalist house, try to close your eyes and imagine this house among other houses! Like a bright white dot radiating its beauty, it amazes people to see it. Moreover, this little house turned out to be full of serenity. Like a house in the middle of the forest, though modest, it provides incredible comfort.

Modern White House Design

Modern White House Design

Sweet House A house, a house like this is the dream of the townspeople. In the middle of the narrow ground that forces the size of the house to be smaller, but still with the demands of comfortable housing, this design can be used as a good example.

1. Small Minimalist House Concept

Designed in response to home design challenges that can be faced by new couples who want to grow a family on limited land while changing their lifestyle.

Every space made in this house is completely ruined so that it is completely “clean” to become an important space with optimum quality. The soul of the space radiates from the shape, material, details, lighting, and condition of its occupants.

Not stopping there, the atmosphere in the room also radiates a good lifestyle, just storing what is needed and eliminating dissatisfaction in storing unnecessary items.

2. Small Growing Minimalist Houses with Plans

Usually, the house grows vertically. However, it will grow horizontally. At the back, the kitchen and backyard are separated by a glass wall. The backyard becomes the second phase of development; living room length downstairs and children’s bedroom on the second floor.

Glass walls are deliberately chosen because they are efficient, easier to dismantle than crushing brick walls and can still be reused. The front and rear doors are in a linear circular line for efficient distribution of building materials from front to back. So, easier, save time and cost.

3. Small Minimalist House Full of Tranquility

Owners and designers feel the need for a separation between public spaces, namely the 1.2 m walk in front of the house and the private space in the house. The clean white walls on the front are chosen as a barrier and filter between private family life and the surrounding microenvironment.

However, the interior concept of the house is the opposite. Openness is the concept of interior design to create a spacious and comfortable space, at the same time full of serenity.

4. Unnecessary Space in a Small Minimalist House

Focusing on open and tidy spaces leads to warehouse removal. The design of this home teaches that the minimalist style is not only an architectural style but also a lifestyle that teaches respect for all that is needed and truly takes into account every need.

The removal of warehouses, furniture, and other elements that are not needed, makes every element that forms the space and that which is in the space have a soul. That is, everything that is part of the house is essential, nothing is wasted.

5. Grow a Small Minimalist House

It was planned from the beginning for the growing families of young couples who understand how urgent the need for a growing home is. Shortly, this house needs a children’s bedroom. That is why the rooms in this house can be flexibly configured to suit the changing pattern of needs. Clear stages and development process, let homeowners know exactly how much budget should be prepared for each phase of growth.

6. Optimal Space Should Be Available In Small Minimalist Home

In the first phase, build the basic space that must be in the house according to the needs of the owner when the house is built. The two-story living room is the starting point. The bathroom also serves as a separator between the living room and the kitchen. From the living room, there is an iron plate staircase on the left that provides access to the attic-style two-story bedroom on the second floor. The bedroom ceiling follows the triangular shape of the roof of the house with skylights. This trick gives the visual effect of a wider space vertically in a bedroom area that tends to be small.

7. Stair Design for Small Minimalist Houses

The steel plate ladder is structurally strong but does not take up much space, creating openness and more space underneath. The open space at the bottom of the stairs can be used flexibly, transforming into different functional spaces as needed.

8. Minimalist bedroom with a minimalist lifestyle

The minimalist lifestyle is reflected in the absence of a wardrobe. Only a few pieces of clothing are simply hung on the wall. Shows the identity of clothing as a basic necessity, and not for trend purposes. This line of clothing is a unique wall decoration.

9. Minimalist Room Lighting

The need for a healthy and energy-efficient home by synergizing with nature and optimizing the benefits of the surrounding environment, resulting in good lighting in the bedroom. In the design plan, the mass of the second phase building is separated from the first phase building connected by a bridge. This separation allows the two bedrooms to have large openings with glass windows facing each other.

10. Good lighting and natural air circulation

All-white interior walls with double ceiling heights are a trick to reflect light from skylights and give a wider visual effect to this house with a footprint of 5 x 14.5 m2. Air circulation is also good because the air from the openings on the ground floor can be replaced with openings on the upper floors.

11. Indoor Plants for Small Houses

Philodendron, with its broad, heart-shaped leaves, is recommended as a plant for interior decoration and even won the Royal Horticultural Society Merit Garden Award. Easy maintenance and can absorb toxic formaldehyde from household furniture. But beware, Philodendron sap can cause skin irritation, contain calcium oxalate crystals, and be toxic if eaten.

Monstera deliciosa, a Philodendron variant that gives a tropical effect with refreshing green color and unique leaves, is an ‘interesting place’ in the all-white interior design. The broadleaf shape resembles a heart with many holes, making this plant belonging to Philodendron easy to see.

Betel plants are known to produce oxygen. In addition to refreshing the air in the house, the stairs that do not have a handle will remain safe because there are potted plants that provide clear visual boundaries, but are physically vague.

A small minimalist home does not mean a cramped, furnished, and uncomfortable house. Change your lifestyle to be minimalist to get a more meaningful quality of life.

Contemporary white house design

Contemporary white house design, simple style interior design is not always synonymous with minimalist style because there are special variations of contemporary interior design. Contemporary style is often confused with minimalism. The two interior styles are different because the contemporary design has more flexible features in violation of conventional design rules.

Contemporary White House Design

Contemporary White House Design

If you want a simple interior design that does not look familiar, contemporary style can be the right choice. The following features of the contemporary interior design style will make your home more comfortable. Is there anything?

1. Maximum Natural Lighting

Contemporary interior design is synonymous with maximum natural lighting. Therefore, the use of glass as a divider between rooms is very dominant in this interior design. Houses with contemporary interiors also often use large windows and skylights so the atmosphere is always bright from morning to evening. In addition to making the house more comfortable, this contemporary design feature is also effective in saving electricity consumption.

Modern black and white house design

Modern black and white house design, many people love simple things including home interior design. If you are one of them, minimalist home with black and white shades, belonging to a young Australian couple, can be inspiring. The couple built a family home, a black and white house was later designed and built by designer Nickolas Gurtler.

Modern Black And White House Design

Modern Black And White House Design

Collaborating with contractors, this minimalist house was built with a blend of contemporary Belgian and French architectural styles. This can be seen from its rich and careful texture. A clean line with a personal taste encompasses the aesthetic tastes of its owner. An important key when designing a home with monochrome colors is the ingenuity of the designer to enrich the texture.

Let’s explore the interior of the black and white house from the kitchen to the living room

1. Dramatic Kitchen Design All in Black

When entering the kitchen area, the first thing that will immediately attract attention is the choice of all-black cabinet color. Some all-black metal fixtures add a different touch to the dolomite white background around it.

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