Modern Viking Longhouse Design

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Modern Viking Longhouse Design Mainstream Attention

Modern viking longhouse design

Modern viking longhouse design, the Vikings have recently received a lot of mainstream attention, and it is hard to deny that much of the new fame is the result of a well-known TV show on the History Channel of the same name following the exploitation of Norse warlord Ragnar Lothbrok.

Modern Viking Longhouse Design

Modern Viking Longhouse Design

Yet, witnessing this show, none of us can guess that the cool Viking room we saw there could turn into a pretty comfortable mansion while maintaining the same medieval flare. And, indeed the Viking house slowly, but continues to be an item, so if you want to try this style and start living like Jarl, here are a few things you must keep in mind.

Suffice it to say that ancient Nordic houses did not yet use modern building materials, such as concrete, so if you want to be as loyal as possible, you should stick to wood and stone. It should be noted, however, that the old Viking designs did not always conform to modern rules, and sought to make our homes more sustainable so that you could deceive the way out of this situation with artificial woodwork on the surface.

Big roof

The large wooden roof that extends to the ground is one of the most recognizable features of ancient Scandinavian architecture, so this is an element that will not be missed. The thing about them is that they not only stand out visually but are also very useful. That is, they provide good protection against these elements if you live in a snowy area, and therefore keep the construction of your home warm. So find lots of wood, build a roof, decorate with some glorious Nordic animals in the fascia and continue to the hinterland.


Another important design element you should pay attention to is, of course, the fireplace, and in this case, the choice of stone is the only option you have. Don’t worry, the stone fireplace is quite affordable, easy to install, and requires little maintenance. If you still want to use alternative or additional sources of ignition, you can always find them in some internal fire pits that will amplify the violent medieval vibrations.

Wood Ceiling

Even if you haven’t made a roof out of wood, your ceiling should look like it is, so if you want to sell this look, make sure it is covered with hardwood and backed by large wooden beams. On the other hand, if you make a high Scandinavian roof, you will get a lot of space to play. Whether you will build a mezzanine, or you will use the space to play with blocks and various decorations are entirely up to you. One of the most challenging things is getting the job done because of its height. With this, you should provide the appropriate ladder, safety equipment, and wireless equipment to complete the task easily.

Interior decoration

The interior decoration of a house like this follows a pattern set by other architectural elements, which means a lot of large hardwoods, or at least furniture that will not stand out from the surroundings. Another important thing you should include in the mix is a warm rug and thick blanket-like wool.

Exterior Decoration

Lastly, what will complement the look you want to achieve is the area around the house. So use artistic finishes to tell the story of dragons, Drakkar, and ancient conquests, transform garages and warehouses in a home-like way, build other fire pits so you can enjoy a fun barbecue with your friends, and your story will be complete.

Exterior Decoration Viking House, Medieval Houses, Viking Hall

Exterior Decoration Viking House, Medieval Houses, Viking Hall

The Vikings are back in the world, why don’t you join them and build your house in the Viking style? These houses are very comfortable mountain huts, so if you live in a snowy area, or you like style, we say no need to hesitate.

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