Modern Mansion In Spa With Private Pool

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Modern Mansion In Spa With Private Pool

Modern Mansion with private pool is not only useful for sports, but also for relaxing and gathering with family. Here’s the design inspiration.

Modern Mansion In Spa With Private Pool

Modern Mansion In Spa With Private Pool

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, the number of new swimming pools in the United States is growing. As of 2017, about 10.4 million homes in the United States have private pools. If you and your family love to swim, there’s nothing wrong with having a pool at home like Americans do.

By having a swimming pool at home, you can easily teach children to swim. Not only that, children can be more confident swimming in a private pool.

Before building a swimming pool at home, there are several things that need to be considered for comfort while swimming. Here are 7 swimming pool designs that are suitable for minimalist homes and the steps to build a swimming pool.

1. Basic Pool

Ground ponds are more popular because they are economical and easy to carry. If you come out a few seconds later, you can take the pool into your new home. This pool is suitable for all types of soil to rocky areas.

2. Swimming pool

Make the swimming pool in your home child-friendly. A minimalist pool with a water slide can be a comfortable play area for children and friends every weekend.

3. Infinity Pool or Infinity

The infinity pool is great for a modern residence near a hill or by the beach. The sleek infinity pool design allows your eyes to focus on the beautiful scenery that lies ahead. Choose this type of design if you are attracted to the visual illusion from the never-ending side.

4. Swimming Pool Design and Coil

You like a rectangular pool, but do kids prefer a round pool? You and your family can own both by building a combination of rectangular and round pool design. The round pool can be used by children, while adults can use the deeper rectangular pool.

You like a rectangular pool, but do kids prefer a round pool? You and your family can own both by building a combination of rectangular and round pool design. The round pool can be used by children, while adults can use the deeper rectangular pool.

5. Simple elongated pool design

The design of the pool is not too wide, but elongated will look simple without much detail. The pool is ideal for those of you who want to combine natural and modern effects in a minimalist home.

Use wooden floors around the pool to give a natural effect and a warm feeling. The use of wooden floors is also more comfortable to sit and cool off in the pool on a hot day.

6. Modern Roof Swimming Pool Design

You and your family want an unusual pool? Modernly designed swimming pools can be built on the roof to overcome the limited space in a minimalist home. In addition to exercising, you can make use of the rooftop pool for family gatherings or social gatherings.

7. Swimming Pool Design Letter L

The design of this pool is made to look like the letter L. Its modern shape will enhance the aesthetic value of your minimalist home. To make the atmosphere around the pool look more attractive, you can add trees and some chairs by the pool.

In addition to swimming, you and your family can relax while enjoying the fresh air around the pool surrounded by trees.

8. Pool Design Figure 8

Another option to get a pool with two different zones is to build a pool shaped like picture 8. The design of a pool shaped like figure 8 allows you and your family to have a shallow pool and an adult pool that can be used simultaneously.

9. Circle Pool Design

Even if your backyard is not too big, you can still have a private pool. Round pool design can be an option as it will save space in the backyard. Pool maintenance is also easy and does not require high costs.

Use paving blocks around the round pool to give it an artistic and natural effect.

10. Curved Side Pool Design

Rectangular swimming pools are often found in minimalist homes. To give it a different touch, you can combine curved shapes and angles on the four sides of the pool.

The design of the pool with curved and square edges can be equipped with a divider in the middle. That way, you and your family will have a pool with minimum and maximum depth to meet the needs of children and adults. Reported from Eco Outdoor, the depth of the pool is usually between 0.6 m to 1.8 m.

Swimming Pool Construction Steps

Now you know the pool design that can be built in a minimalist home. In addition, what to consider are the following pool building steps.

1. Using the Pool Builder Service

With the help of a professional workforce for the construction of the pool, you can avoid failure or leakage of the pool. You will also be happy to make improvements later.

That’s the idea of ​​10 pool designs for a minimalist home along with the steps to consider in building a pool. Which pool design is a favorite of yours and your family? If you are looking for a home and want to build a swimming pool in it, look for a variety of accommodation options here.

2. Determine the Water Supply for the Pool

To fill the pool water, you can use groundwater or tap water.

3. Know how to take care

The pool needs a pump to rotate the water and needs to be cleaned regularly. Find out the electrical power required for pool maintenance here.

4. Determining the Position of the Pool

After deciding on the size and design of the pool, the next step is to determine its position. Choosing the wrong location for the pool will leave you unable to move easily or there is not enough space to relax after a swim.

5. Determine the Size of the Pool

According to Home Construction & Renovation, the standard size of the pool is 11m x 4m with a depth of about 1.5m. This measure achieves a good balance between usability and operating costs. Meanwhile, the size of the pool in a small piece is usually only 6m x 3m.

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