Modern House With Rooftop Garden

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Modern House With Rooftop Garden Will Increase Your Jealousy

Modern house with rooftop garden

Modern house with rooftop garden, although we tend to love life in the city, we still appreciate and seek nature. Roof gardens and green roofs remain a dream for most of us, as architecture serves to achieve the perfect balance between building and nature under construction. This Amazing Home with a Roof Garden will increase your jealousy but also allow you to learn about new and sustainable technologies as well as enjoy the great garden aesthetics, wherever they are.

Modern House With Rooftop Garden

Modern House With Rooftop Garden

With a high swimming pool that stretches on both sides of the house and includes a rooftop garden, Home is the dream of nature lovers. The architectural elements are designed to reduce the scorching heat of Singapore’s weather.

The H House multi-story garden has successfully created three generations of residential space without space or affecting the quality of lighting or air. While the plants adorn the veranda area on the second floor, the grass covers the roof of the house and leaves room for skylights.

Villa Savoye combines all five Le Corbusier Architecture Points, including a flat roof terrace. The architect made a series of ramps leading to the roof garden, connecting the ground floor with the roof while crossing the space leading to it.

Set on a very small plot of land, this house has an empty concrete facade with minimal windows overlooking the street. However, other window placements, including skylights, provide plenty of natural light to the interior while providing access and views to the rooftop garden.

A vegetable garden is located on the roof of the second floor of Rumah Subur, which is used as an outdoor area for residents with an interest in gardening. The park also serves to cool the house in extreme heat, while maintaining green plots in the rapidly growing residential area.

The outdoor terrace area works with a roof garden to enhance the continuity of the residence. While ventilation and isolation are improved, vegetative areas help the home respond to sunlight and rain.

Featuring a spiral shape, Stone House has a roof garden that serves as a circular courtyard in the center of the house to contribute to energy efficiency. Grass covers a small pool of water and trees, while the grass covers the roof of the house and in turn helps cool the body.

The large garden surrounds and passes through various spaces around the house, while the bedrooms are covered for privacy and shade under the plants. The canopy divides the private space in the bedroom located on the first floor from the more common living room upstairs.

Concrete and glass are the main materials for decorating the facade of a house, but the core area adds a green element to the house. Instead of just having a separate area next to the house, the outdoor garden can be accessed directly from the inside through large glass windows.

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