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Modern Colours That Go With Brown

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Modern Colours That Go With Brown.

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This palette for El Burro just screams fun, energy and excitement. By using higly saturated colors like hot pink, lime, cyan and yellow, you can replicate this effect and create a design that is punchy and youthful.

Calculated layers of latte linens and mahogany furniture against mocha walls work together to create an enveloping living room. White and natural light helps to brighten a timeless space layered with a traditional rug, framed art, and textiles.

This example by Studio Recode also keeps things clean and minimal, but does it with a warmer touch. By using warm, very light brown tones as the neutral background color and offsetting them with the warm tones in the imagery and type, this palette keeps things inviting and clean.

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Wood panelling used to be the provenance of ‘70s rec rooms, but it has come back in all sorts of modern and fresh ways. A few tips: Don’t cover every wall in wood, or it will look like a sauna. Consider horizontal lines rather than vertical ones.

Oh, and it should go without saying that you use real wood.Find a carpenter in your area

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Want a professional, tailored palette with a little color? Check out this slick palette by that uses sharp, clean, preppy colors to create a simple color palette. Don’t be afraid to throw a dash of pink amongst your blues to add a bit of a unique touch.

Nature puts on quite the vibrant display in the fall season. Capture the popular hues of autumn year-round with oranges, yellows, and warm brown tones repeated throughout the home. A brown sofa is a practical choice, as is wood furniture. Up the energy and create a more inviting space by peppering it with artwork, throw pillows, or decorative accents in shades of rust, mustard, and amber.

Brown and blue are made for each other since the cool tones in the blues harmonize with the warmer ones found in wood furniture. The judicious use of bold blue on the upholstered dining room chairs and decorative vases adds modern flair to these traditional furnishings.

This example for Calvi on the Rocks shows us exactly how to make use of vibrant neon tones – by balancing them out. This palette consists of a striking green, vibrant purple and a dash of royal blue, but it balances that vibrancy out with a whole lot of neutral off-white so it’s not overwhelming.

We tend to think of black and white as being the most sophisticated colors, but check out how this example by Julian Damy manages to get that sophisticated look by simply using deep blue tones and subtle gold highlights. Another palette inspired by art history, this collection of colors is timeless and beautiful.

Even very dark paneling can look fresh and modern as long as it’s balanced with light.

A great way to brand your website is to give it one dominant focal color, as this example for Frost Festival does. By using a striking turquoise as the focal color and complementing it with splashes of pale orange, greys, and mint colors, this palette keeps things fresh, modern, and simple.

Wake up your beige and gray with a rich combination of texture, shape and pattern

Want to create a vintage effect without seeming dated or old? Check out this palette for Cafe Frida that uses warm golds, greens, browns and off whites to create a charming effect with a lot of class.

Browns, beige, cream, gray and orange. Proof positive that it can work.

Kelly green and pale blues are cooler colors that contrast nicely with the warmth of brown and energize this family room. Choose patterned accent chairs, window panels, and colorful pillows in these hues to rejuvenate a space anchored by a brown sofa.  

A great way to keep your color palette from getting boring is to throw in a bold feature color amongst the more neutral, muted tones. Check out this one by Joy Intermedia that uses a base of greys, charcoals, and dark navies, but spices it up with a splash of cerise.

If you yawn and dismiss it, you’re missing out on beige’s infinite subtleties and the possibilities it brings to room designs

Full-blooded color enthusiast? Check out 100 Brilliant Color Combinations: And How to Apply Them to Your Designs. And if you like the color palettes we’ve created for this post, you can make own of your own with our color palette generator.

Dark brown cabinetry looks awfully dated these days, unless it is done with clean lines and paired with a nice, crisp white. This is warm and modern at the same time.A cabinet pro can help update your dated brown cabinetry

This example by Magnium Themes injects a couple bright bursts of color into the mix to create a playful, but sleek effect. The contrast of blues, oranges, and yellows against the neutral grey background makes for a professional but vibrant effect.

This color scheme works great with this Waffle Blog Banner and this School council Blog Banner. Why not give them a try?

A great way to add dimension to your palette while keeping things minimal is to use varying tints of one color. This clean, elegant web page by Romain Bouchereau and Vincent Fréman does just that by using slightly different tints of a neutral peach color that compliment the focal purple color.

This color palette for Departika is clean and professional thanks to the soft blues, greys, and whites. But, this palette draws attention and highlights focal elements by throwing a vibrant feature color into the mix. Break up your lighter, gentler colors with a punchier tone for a nice contrast.

A dark brown is perfectly fine for a small space. A white ceiling along with white trim and finishes keeps everything crisp and bright. Doesn’t this look cheery?

This palette for Apparecchiato by AQuest draws its inspiration from the earthy tones of vegetables and mixes this with white space to create a stunning clean and fresh palette. Simply use leafy greens, deep reds, and rich purples alongside some whitespace to replicate this effect.

Looking for a darker, sleeker look, but not a fan of straight up black? Check out this stormy, moody site design by Cinco Design that uses deep purples, blues, and pinks to make for a sleek, sophisticated effect.

The color brown too often gets a bad rap by those who label it as lackluster or boring. Instead, the focus should be on the rich earthy quality that brown possesses. Warmer than black or charcoal gray, deep browns are rich, enveloping, and dramatic.

As Buffer writes, over 90% of our assessment of a product is made on color alone, so it makes sense that color should be considered with care for every design decision, particularly on websites. Chances are, if we don’t like the color palette, we’re not going to stay on the site for very long.

Purple and green aren’t two colors that are often mixed, but this site by Intesys S.r.l. proves that maybe they should be. The rich purple color contrasts strikingly against the vibrant lime and sharp whites to create a unique and memorable site design.

As long as there is plenty of light and some nice, crisp whites, a very dark brown can look fresh, rather than closed in. This is a lovely, traditional room, but it is not a bit stuffy.

Fancy mixing warm and cooler colors to create a unique vibe? Take a leaf from Lush Digital’s book — pair vibrant reds and blues with darker indigos and purples for a dreamy, bold effect.

This beautiful site design for Thomas Schrijer’s Top 10 of 2014 uses vibrant tropical tones to create a beautiful effect. The use of warm yellows, reds, greens, and blues makes for a fun, easy, and beautiful palette suited to any energetic application.

Did you know that Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green color blind?

Get your audience’s full attention with a stunning Keynote presentation

Nice orange-brown wood panelling paired with grays and whites and lots of light. It’s rich and warm, but not oppressive.

This color palette for Lowdi channels all things vintage by using warm, rich colors. This retro-inspired color palette has a lot of character and energy with a decidedly modern flair. Consider using a very pale yellow color in place of white to help hone in this effect.

This site by Baesman is yet another example of how bright, vibrant colors can be used to create a professional design. By using light, clean colors and balancing them out with white space and a minimal design, this site maintains a fun and vibrant vibe without sacrificing the sleekness of a professional website.

Dark-stained wood cabinetry paired with plum walls heighten the drama in a bathroom. These deeper colors aren’t timid or shy; their depth together enriches the space and conveys an air of sophistication. Look to less saturated purples with a gray or brown undertone as the best complement to brown cabinets or furniture.

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If pastel colors aren’t quite up your alley, consider looking into bright, punchy, vintage colors as this example by Magoz does. While this example uses a lot of colors all at once, it’s kept cohesive and logical with the warm consistency of the scheme.

This website’s header image is a carousel of images, each of different colors, check it out live and in action over here.

To get you started on your own palette, we’ve gathered 50 beautiful websites with versatile color schemes you can take inspiration from. So without further ado, let’s get knee-deep in some beautiful colors.

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Refresh your bathroom’s look with a vanity in your favorite finish

Like what you see? Why not try creating a Facebook Cover design of your own using this Nordic Tree Background Fall or this Couple Camping Twitter template?

This website by Huemor has a color palette that is light, modern, cheerful, and welcoming. By using vibrant colors, plenty of whitespace, and a cool, neutral blue to balance out the warmth, this palette is a prime example of how colors can make or break a site design.

From sleek silver to bold azure, find cool tones to freshen up your floors

Is your site youthful? Energetic? Fun? Show that off by using bright, vibrant splashes of color like Visualsoft. The pops of neon pink, yellow and blue amongst the sleek, minimal design bring a whole lot of life and character to this site.

This clean, vibrant palette by Mark Dearman perfectly combines warm accent colors with a clean blue background to make for a crisp and professional, but very welcoming palette. Try using colors that have a high contrast against each other for that clean effect.

More brown and light blue. The nice bright pops of coral orange are the perfect complement to both colors.

Want the ease of a small palette but with the vibrancy of a large one? Check out this one for Mambo Mambo that uses yellow, and a few shades of green/blue to form a super simple but super stylish palette. This palette is tropical, fun, fresh, and best of all, easy.

Color can make or break your design, so it’s important to choose it wisely when designing anything, particularly websites. Figure out what emotions and ideas you want to capture and try to build or replicate a palette that you feel best suits that idea.

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The palette of Brdr. Krüger’s website created by Relax, we are the good guys brings character and life to the website design by simply pairing a few light, soft colors. Thanks to the fact that each color is a consistent muted tone in different shades, they manage to slot in together naturally and effectively, creating a calm yet modern palette with a lot of character.

A soft mushroom brown with bright white. This shade of brown adds to the fluffy, light feeling of this room. It keeps it cozy and light.

46. Corporate and Sleek Ryan Borker, Jermaine Craig, Mike Parsons and Kyle Miller

This sharp and modern example by Benedict Leicht uses different tones of orange and blue to create a playful, energetic color palette. When using bright tones, try to balance them out with some more neutral whites or light greys as this example does, to keep things fun but not overwhelming. You can see how the website colors rake their influence from the Mathemagiker logo, creating an on-brand feel across the site.

When we think of summery designs we think of reds and oranges, but check out how this site by StrADegy Advertising manages to capture the warmth of the season with just corals, blues, and tan colors. A simple, minimal, and easy to use summer-inspired color palette.

This is the more modern version of dark brown and crisp white in the bathroom. The ceiling here is brown and there is no crown molding, but the contrast between the brown and the white walls helps bring out the architecture.

The only way to know if it will work is if you try it yourself. Give this Blue and Brown Twitter Post template or this Modern Interior Design Facebook Ad template your own bit of flare.

Atlassian’s interactive infographic site created by Hyperakt uses bold, high saturation colors and overlays them in a way that creates stunning effect. Note as well how these striking colors are balanced out with a nice, neutral off-white color. Always maintain that balance!

A nice light grawn. It looks beige here, but it reads as light brown on a wall.

This professional website by Great Works Copenhagen takes less of a neutral approach to color, and instead chooses a vibrant palette. By choosing a striking red color and mixing it with various blues and navy tones, this site balances its professional air with a unique and fun flair.

Looking for a palette that can accommodate slightly more complex designs? Check out this one for Fieldwork that only uses five colors but manages to keep it intricate and colorful. By mixing a striking cyan with warm yellows, reds, and some deeper navies you can get a playful, engaging and flexible palette.

Did you know color is linked to pyschology? Different colors evoke different feelings – for example, red is confident, yellow is fun, and blue is trustworthy. This means you can set the tone for your website by choosing colors that reflect what you want your visitors to feel.

Pastel colors aren’t just for nursery room walls: This website by B/C Designers uses clean, bright pastel pinks, blues, and oranges to create a fun, bright, and inviting palette. When using pastels, try to mix in a fair amount of whitespace to keep things fresh and light.

The earthy hues of brown will always be enhanced when contrasted with crisp white. The tall wainscot in this bathroom is a winning combination with the chocolate brown color above it, the two working together to increase the drama. Without the white wall treatment, the bathroom would feel too dark, but with it the walnut stain on the vanity becomes a focal point.

This striking website design by The Martin Agency uses muted gold and off-white tones contrasted against sharper blacks and whites to create a stunning contrast. Simple, minimal, and elegant, this palette is perfect for any sophisticated design you may embark upon.

The Athena Art Finance website, created by Leibowitz Branding & Design uses beautiful antique tones to create an elegant and sophisticated design with a lot of charm. By taking inspiration from art history and using deep purples, blues, greens and warm golds, you can transform any webpage into a sophisticated stunner.

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When in doubt, seek colour inspiration from your content. This website for the Van Gogh Museum by Fabrique uses the vibrant, textured colors that his works are recognised for. By pairing warm yellows, rich blues, and cool greens, you get a simple, flexible palette with meaning.

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If you’re in the market for a more striking, contemporary design, try to incorporate bold splashes of black and white with some vibrant pops of color, just as this example for Cantina dei Colli Ripani does. The contrast between the highlighted colors and the blacks make for a punchy, bold, and fun effect.

This website by has a color palette that takes a bold, high-contrast approach by combining a strong dark background with striking neon accent colors. By contrasting black against purples, blues, and pinks, you can create a very striking effect.

Ever see a website and think it just looks ‘clean’? A great way to do this, as this site by SHIBUI has done here, is to use gradients. This site’s palette is made up of fresh blue and turquoise colors that have been faded into one another in a gradient to achieve a calming, clean and fresh effect.

Restful shades of green and pink pretty up a sitting room but a good dose of brown will ground these pastel hues and lend a sophisticated touch. Pale pastels will never appear juvenile when dramatic brown fabrics or wood furniture are near.

This palette by Huemor keeps things very simple and minimal by using a predominantly monochromatic color palette and balancing it out with a few splashes of orange to draw attention — this highlights important features and bring life to the site. When in doubt, keep it simple.

Warm your home with paint the color of lattes, espresso and chocolate

Looking to create a warm, inviting website? Experiment with warm tones as TRAFFIC has done here. By using warm yellows and golds, and balancing them out with deep navy tones, this palette is calming, peaceful and inviting.

Need a bit less vibrancy and a bit more professionalism? Get inspired by the beautiful colors used on this palette by Ryan Borker, Jermaine Craig, Mike Parsons and Kyle Miller. The bold navy feature color is beautifully paired with the eggshell off-white background to create one simple, sleek website design.

Looking for something with pretty pastels? Why not this Invitation Banner or this Bridal Shower Ideas Blog Banner?

Website color schemes: The palettes of 50 visually impactful websites to inspire you

By combining warm hues with cooler ones, you can easily unlock a very punchy palette. This example by Akaru contrasts warm oranges and yellows against cool metallic greys and gunmetal tones to make for a bold, dynamic effect.

Sometimes using a lot of colors can make for a design that is overwhelming and that clashes. But, in the case of this site by Yoke, using a bright, full palette goes off without a hitch. By muting each color slightly and including a lot of white space in the design, you can create a vibrant, colorful, yet not overwhelming effect.

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Order up hues from latte to espresso, with maybe a sprinkling of cinnamon, for a richly layered space that comforts and energizes

19. Bold Blacks and Vibrant Highlights Cantina dei Colli Ripani

This color palette by Zach Klein brings a world of luxury, sophistication and character to the website design. By pairing navy blues, warm tans, and a dash of bright red, this site is kept modern, minimal, and very sophisticated.

In any room that possesses a warm palette fusing together tans, taupes, and medium-tone browns, any accent color will partner nicely. The large-scale botanical yellow artwork and bright accent pillows pop against a neutral background in this stylish living room that combines traditional and modern style.

This example by BrightMedia is a paragon of a clean, fresh, and flexible color palette. By pairing different shades of blue with a few shades of grey, this palette is minimal and simple without being dull or boring.

If ‘blech’ is your first response to brown, you’re missing out on the opportunity for a warm-looking room that appeals to both sexes

Browns are an extremely popular decorating choice. They’re rich and neutral and warm. They can add drama to smaller spaces or help add coziness to larger ones.Brown is a mix of orange, red, rose or yellow with black or gray.

In value it starts near beige and ends near walnut or espresso, and its hues can range from almost gray (I like to call it “grawn”) to nearly orange. It’s all over the place in nature; think animal fur, bark, dirt, dry leaves.

A great way to add brown to a room is by using natural wood. Darker browns always look great with bright white. Brown also looks good with aqua, teal, light blues, oranges and pinks. It usually doesn’t usually work well with royal blues or purples (but every rule has exceptions).

Here are 14 examples of brown done right.

This example by Inga Gudoniene / MIOS pairs softer, desaturated, more muted colors to create an elegant look. You can achieve this timeless and elegant effect by choosing imagery with a cool, desaturated tone and pairing it with a cool grey.

This example for Business Benchmark on Farm Animal Welfare by GrowCreate uses beautiful purple and blue jewel tones with subtle gradients to create a very simple but very elegant and eye-catching color palette. Plus, with the occasional pop of hot pink, this palette keeps the site design engaging, fresh and beautiful.

This simple and elegant palette by Pier-Luc brings a touch of charm to the website design with its elegant combo of earthy red, fresh green and clean greys. By pairing this muted palette with a softly colored image, this site design manages to evoke sophistication and an antique charm.

This palette by MadeByShape uses an unconventional mix of colors but throws them together in a very natural way. The charcoal grey, salmon, deep teal, light mint and neutral beige colors make for a unique but beautiful combination.

Once again, while the typical way to signal summer and the beach is to use reds and yellows and oranges, consider taking a leaf out of Roll Studio’s book. Show a relaxed, beachy atmosphere with some turquoises, purples, and a splash of orange to create a calm, inviting and unique color palette.

Choosing a satin instead of a flat finish can make brown walls seem to glow. Flat brown runs a risk of looking a bit ashy. Ask your local painter to recommend the right finish for your space

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It’s all over nature and the decorating world too. From light latte to dark walnut, there’s a brown for everyone

Like this? Then, you’d probably like to try our Yellow Teal Photo Graduation Events Website template or this Theatre Actor Portfolio Website template.

Color adds personality to your design, so try to coincide your palette with your site’s personality as Marie Catribs have done here. By using fun, bright blues, purples, yellows, etc, the fun and quirky nature of the design is brought to life.

Between the walls, the furniture and the accessories, this room has a lot of different browns going on. It works because they are all in the same family and they are brought together by neutral creams.

“Blue is the richest color for me; I can see all of blue” says Zuckerberg. While this choice of color doesn’t seem very scientific, it’s still proves that a lot of thought is put into the choice of color.

Looking for a palette that screams professional, but isn’t boring or outdated? Check out this one as used on Avondale Type Co. The mix of greys, deep navys, and striking yellow tones paired with the sharp, flat, modern layout can make for an authoritative but fresh design.

Paint, New paint is an instant facelift . Simply by covering marks, dings, and scratches inside your walls you’ll make your house appear and feel fresh. It will also let you cover any dark or dated colors using a light, monochromatic palette that will breathe new life into your property . For the ultimate in modern style, pair light, barely-there color with natural wood accents.

Replace Dated Light Fixtures, Another DIY fix, replacing old, dated custom light fixtures with sleek new models is definitely a effective way to travel modern while adding value to your property . Here’s the best way to replace an easy fixture.

Keyless Entry, Smart locks provide keyless entry options and remote operation, which ensure safety and control for the family. Check out more about keyless locks to find out whatever you planned to learn about smart locks and just how they`re able to impact your house

Open-Plan Living, Over the last many years , the way in which we use our homes has evolved . Long gone is the wish for formal, separated areas , with a drastic shift to open-plan living. While costlier than some in the items for this list, removing a non-load bearing wall can be a DIY project—and will create a massive difference inside price of your own home

Install a Programmable Thermostat, If you’re trying to save some money with your property updates, installing a programmable thermostat may be the way to look . Programmable thermostats enable you to set and control the temperature in your home according to your schedule, which prevents energy use if you aren’t home. This can lead to as much as a 5 to 20 percent loss of your house energy bills.

Brighten-Up, Modern style uses color sparingly—but large chosen to spotlight space is frequently bright—resulting inside a fresh feel that pops against its surroundings. And because the setting furniture and walls are neutral, it is possible to change styles without any many accessory switches, making modern-style reasonable to boot.

Have a traditional home but love modern? No problem! There are plenty of alternatives for creating that modern house vibe in the older home. Check out the best DIY methods to bring your own home to the modern day

Remove the Popcorn, Once the envy of homeowners everywhere, the dreaded popcorn ceiling has outlived its glory days by about 30 or forty years . Luckily it’s simpler to remove than you may think . Check out this article, on the way to remove a popcorn ceiling, and it is possible to thank us later!.

Go High-Tech, There are many methods to add high-tech elements into your house , from motion-detecting lights, to built-in charging stations or stereo speakers. Most items might be homeowner installed, and the sky may be the limit regarding selection and price for tech-loving homeowners.

New Doors, If you’re looking to make a modern statement consider replacing traditional paneled doors with sleek designs, or vertical panes with frosted glass. While you’re at it , upgrade hinges and handles for optimum impact.

Upgrade Hardware and Faucets, Dated cabinet hardware and faucets are a good starting point when updating your property . Easy to accomplish all on your own , yet bold enough to make a difference. This is a one-weekend project which has a big payoff. Look for sleek designs and modern finishes—and if you’re trying to find extra gusto, consider painting cabinets and adding a backsplash.

Switch Your Plates, One with the easiest ways to spot a mature home, regardless how many renovations are actually done, is yellowed, cracked or otherwise not dated light-switch and outlet covers. This is a simple, inexpensive fix and yes it is really a huge impact in an older house.

Remove the Clutter, A hallmark of the modern house is too little clutter. This is achieved by better utilizing your safe-keeping and becoming gone unwanted items. Knickknacks and other small items often create chaos and may make rooms look cramped. To master minimalist style, seek out clean, modern lines and open designs to switch large upholstered or wooden pieces.

Whole-Home Automation, Keyless entry or smart outlets are awesome, nevertheless the way forward for home technology is centered on automation. DIY home automation kits can be purchased for the number of functions like security alarm , appliances, temperature and lighting control, and the like

Replace Carpet, While carpet continues to be an excellent floor choice, if it’s dated, within the bathroom or wall-to-wall shag, it’s likely got to go . For a modern look, stick with simple to lay pre-finished flooring, oblong or plank tile.

Low-Flush Toilets, Another money-saving modernization is to switch any water-wasting toilets with high-efficiency models. Low-flush toilets use a reduced amount of water than traditional commodes and in many cases replacing them will garner which you cash rebate.

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