Modern Black And White House Design

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Modern Black And White House Design Dramatic Interior

Modern black and white house design

Modern black and white house design, many people love simple things including home interior design. If you are one of them, minimalist home with black and white shades, belonging to a young Australian couple, can be inspiring. The couple built a family home, a black and white house was later designed and built by designer Nickolas Gurtler.

Modern Black And White House Design

Modern Black And White House Design

Collaborating with contractors, this minimalist house was built with a blend of contemporary Belgian and French architectural styles. This can be seen from its rich and careful texture. A clean line with a personal taste encompasses the aesthetic tastes of its owner. An important key when designing a home with monochrome colors is the ingenuity of the designer to enrich the texture.

Let’s explore the interior of the black and white house from the kitchen to the living room

1. Dramatic Kitchen Design All in Black

When entering the kitchen area, the first thing that will immediately attract attention is the choice of all-black cabinet color. Some all-black metal fixtures add a different touch to the dolomite white background around it.

2. Dining Room with Light View

The dining area is deliberately made close to the windows so that sunlight can enter freely. The white oval table surrounded by black chairs produces a different feel to the room. As a source of lighting, the installation of hanging decorative lamps adds a wonderful effect. If the light from the window is not bright enough, during the day the occupants of the house can take advantage of the transparent skylights on the ceiling.

3. Neutral and Warm Living Room

Located not far from the dining room, you will find a living room or living room with an unparalleled arrangement. Glossy concrete floors with all-white walls allow natural light to reflect light to illuminate the entire room. Between the neutral color palette and the warm metal, the orange sofa seems to enliven the atmosphere.

4. Comfortable Private Room

In addition to the common areas, the private space in the house is also equipped with a comfortable design and color options. The reading corner and private office look minimalist with soft gray chairs. On the one hand, a simple black wardrobe merges with the table.

Speaking of private space, it is not complete if you do not discuss the bedroom area. The living room in this house is dominated by white on the walls and ceiling. Meanwhile, the furniture deliberately uses different shades of gray and black. The floors are even fitted with rugs that match the furniture arranged in the room.

5. Luxury Minimalist Bathroom

To complement the master bedroom, there is a luxurious minimalist bathroom with a thick spa effect. The atmosphere inside allows residents to enjoy the atmosphere of the bath while bathing in natural light from the ceiling.

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