Mid Century Modern Homes

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Mid century modern homes, Style Want to know how home design evolved over the past 600 years? Just look at the interior photos that illustrate it.

Mid Century Modern Homes

Mid Century Modern Homes

The birth of architecture is probably from ancient Egypt which flourished to this day.

Designers from HomeAdvisor are working on a project that “tells” how this evolution took place through 12 interior photos depicting travel.

Interior Photos Describing the Evolution of Home Design

1. Contemporary (1980s – Present)

Contemporary Mid Century Modern Homes 1980s Present

Contemporary Mid Century Modern Homes 1980s Present

The contemporary style is influenced by the clean style of modernism and the outdoor atmosphere that comes from the Mid Century Modern residence.

2. Postmodern (1978 – Present)

This style emerged when designers escaped the “shackles” of Modernism.

3. The Modern Middle Ages (1930 – Present)

Modern-Century Modern Design is a look that emerges from the suburbs in a softer style than modernism itself.

In addition, this style tries to combine natural elements with design.

This is done by introducing rustic elements whose colors are inspired by Scandinavian and Brazilian furniture.

4. Bauhaus (1919-1934)

Bauhaus is a very influential type of art and architecture from Germany.

Like the style of Modernism, this style emphasizes the shape that follows the function.

5. Modernism (1880 – 1940)

Modernist architect and designer of Modernism, Swiss Le Corbusier, says that the house is a machine for life.

The living room currently utilizes the latest materials and technology so that the house is designed to be comfortable, functional and affordable.

6. Art Deco (1920s – 1960s)

The interior design of the Art Deco era was inspired by the geometry and movement of the machine age and was a symbol of ancient culture and natural birth.

7. Art Nouveau (1890 – 1920)

Art Nouveau is the “new art” for the new century.

Interior designers today are trying to pair handicrafts with new industrial techniques that result in expensive processes.

The furniture and furnishings are very luxurious and modern, reflecting the influence of Japanese art seen by European artists for the first time in the late 19th century.

8. Arts and Crafts (1860-1910)

Subsequent interior photographs date back to the period of the Arts and Crafts that began in England as a reaction to the creative mechanisms and economic injustices of the industrial age.

9. Neoclassical (1780 – 1880)

The end of the Georgian era brought a new era of architecture that was a response to the Baroque and Rococo eras.

The rediscovery of Pompeii contributed to a new understanding of Roman and Greek architecture that inspired this new style.

10.Rococo (1700)

Towards the end of the Baroque era, the Rococo style emerged and attracted the attention of the people of its time.

This style, which looks lighter and weirder than the Baroque style, has been famous for only 3 decades.

11. Baroque (1590-1725)

This interior style was popularized by the Catholic church which sought to mesmerize the uneducated society with the wealth and power they possessed.

12. Resurrection (1400 – 1600)

Art and culture were reborn during the rise of France and spread throughout Europe.

Arabs and Asians influenced the refined art of decoration and the meticulous details of symmetry and geometry brought new harmony to the interior of Europe.

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Here are 12 interior photos that can illustrate how the evolution of interior design has evolved over 600 years.

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