Japanese Tea House Kit

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Japanese Tea House Kit Culture Tradisional Modern

Japanese tea house kit

Japanese tea house kit, Ippodo is a tea specialty shop that has a close history of Japanese tea for more than 300 years. Inside the shop, there is a Kaboki Teahouse where you can taste the delicious Japanese tea.

Japanese Tea House Kit

Japanese Tea House Kit

The Teramachi Nijo area in Kyoto has a cultural history that has been continuously nurtured since ancient times. There are rows of shops surrounded by a classic atmosphere and among them is one shop with 4 large (* 1) noren which is quite interesting. Ippodo is a tea specialty shop that has a close history of Japanese tea for more than 300 years. Inside the shop, there is a Kaboki Teahouse where you can taste the delicious Japanese tea.

A Place to Get to Know Japanese Tea Closer

The shop is lined with various kinds of Japanese tea. The price also varies, sometimes for 100 grams of tea there is a difference in price up to 10 times. We cannot tell the difference in types and tastes with a glance. Due to the strong culture of Japanese tea drinking, Japanese writers felt a little awkward to come to this shop. Therefore, this time we visited the “Kaboku Tea Shop” inside the Ippodo shop to get a closer taste of Japanese tea.

Various Kinds of Japanese Tea You Can Enjoy Here

In this Kaboku, there are many Japanese tea menus that are brewed by shop employees. You can watch the tea brewing directly if you wish. You can brew your own tea in a kyushu (small teapot). The shop clerk will teach you how to brew tea so you can stay calm and enjoy your tea even if you are a foreign tourist. This time the tea that will be made is Usucha. The experience of seeing Japanese tea making up close like this is certainly invaluable.

  1. First of all, put the fresh tea powder in the container. The tool on the left in the image above is called a chasen and is used to make tea.
  2. Then put in hot water and let’s start making tea.
  3. Stir the tea using the chasen like writing the letter M.

This tea tastes very fresh. When you try to drink a sip of this tea, you will be impressed by its light taste. The taste of green tea seemed to melt in your mouth. The companion cake snack for tea also varies depending on the season.

Please enjoy your tea with the cake. This pretty cake contains red bean paste that is soft and slightly sweet.

What a Kaboki Teahouse wants to convey through Japanese tea

Many visitors who come also come from various countries. Even when the Matcha team came, visitors came and went with the excuse ‘we came here because we wanted to know the feelings of Japan’. But what exactly is the meaning of “time passed with tea” that Ippodo, the shop that has been serving Japanese tea for about 300 years, is trying to convey?

“At the Kaboki Teahouse, the staff will guide visitors to brew their own Japanese tea. Even though the type of tea used is the same, the taste of the tea will vary depending on the temperature of the hot water and the length of time it’s been brewed. So that visitors can enjoy the brewed tea along with the snack cakes. , we provide a menu that is tailored to the season. Please find delicious flavors that you create yourself. ”

The taste of Japanese tea was created by the visitors themselves. Even though the brewing method is the same, the taste is different for each person. “We help our guests create their own delicious tea”. Thus, customers can also witness for themselves one of the important cultures of the Japanese people.

In Kyoto, this Fukucha tea is served at New Year’s time as lucky tea. This tea is considered to provide health if drunk at the beginning of the new year. Around the 12th century when Japan was experiencing a disease outbreak, the properties of this tea could cure the disease. The fukucha in the Ippodo shop is a tea made from selected brown rice. These teas start at 540 yen per pack and you can easily enjoy them.

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