How To Build A Japanese Tea House

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How To Build A Japanese Tea House Or Chashitsu

How to build a japanese tea house

How to build a japanese tea house, tea homes or tea rooms (additionally called chashitsu) are particularly designed for tea ceremonies, referred to as chanoyu or Chado. The tea ceremony is an important part of the Japanese tradition and is commonly considered a form of meditation all of the tools used within the preparation of the tea, as well as the gestures, garments, and decoration, are part of the ritual and purpose to remind folks concerning the rules of Zen philosophy.

How To Build A Japanese Tea House

How To Build A Japanese Tea House

For sure, how a tea house is constructed influences the way the tea ceremony is experienced, as the art of ingesting tea can be an aesthetic pleasure. If a tea home just isn’t built appropriately, the tea ceremonies aren’t successful. For this reason, in the past, a tea house needed to be constructed by the one one that might establish if the chashitsu was in concord with nature, as it should be a Zen monk.

Japanese Tea Houses

At first, tea ceremonies had been held in small rooms inside a home, the place samurais gathered to drink tea, but later, across the fifteenth century, when Japan was going via difficult times as a result of wars and invasions through the Sengoku interval, tea homes were built separately in gardens.

Some studies counsel that the tea ceremony developed in Japan during this time, primarily because people sought tranquility and ease in times of violence. When outside everything was chaos, tea homes were like an oasis in the desert where people may hook up with magnificence and easy pleasures, allowing them to expertise the ideas of Zen Buddhism by way of the tea ritual.

So, the tea houses played an important role in the ceremonies a chashitsu had to be constructed based on the Zen ideas, and to be perfect, disciples spent years studying how you can construct them.

Find out how to Build a Japanese Tea Home Based on Zen Buddhist Rules

If one appears at any medieval castle, it stands out in the landscape it is fabricated from heavy stones and surrounded by thick walls, with many towers that may be spotted from miles away. This is the very opposite of the Zen art of constructing a chashitsu.

A perfect tea house is barely noticeable, it merges with the landscape that surrounds it, virtually as if the home had been built by nature itself. The colors should be impartial and home windows should permit pure mild to return in.

Decoration should be easy, with just a few Japanese drawings on the walls, tatami, and no furniture. Empty areas is an important concept of the Japanese aesthetics because it predisposes the vacancy of the mind, which is a requirement to attain the right focus during the ceremony, and subsequently, guests shouldn’t be distracted by decoration or furniture this would damage the spirit of the ritual.

There must be a low ceiling and the company should bend low to go via the nigirizushi, the small door that leads to the tea room. This symbolically represents the philosophy of contrasts that influenced Zen Buddhism.

Zen Philosophy and the Design of a Tea Home

Emptiness leads to mindfulness, restricted small areas lead to the infinitude of the senses and simple pleasures such because the taste of a tea, results in the expertise of the true pleasure beyond simplicity. A tea house must reflect the Zen philosophy and cross on a message to the visitors by way of its design and architecture. The message is that this: folks could be freer whereas locked between four walls under prohibit social codes than they’re in the exterior world, where they imagine having unlimited freedom, and but they’re slaves of their senses. The actual freedom is that of the mind.

How To Build A Japanese Tea House Or Chashitsu
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