Green Cottage Kits

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Green Cottage Kits For The Next 200 Years

Green cottage kits

Green cottage kits, Eric Drivdahl of Gelotte Hommes Structure designed a green, passive photo voltaic, prefab SIPs dwelling with a nod to beloved 200-year outdated cottages but constructed for the next 200 years. Designed as power-efficient, inexpensive house kits you finish with your contractor to pick the techniques and finishes that finest suit your model and price range so that you get 100% your dream home.

Green Cottage Kits

Green Cottage Kits

Green Cottage Kits is for those that seek conventional, inexpensive, timeless package homes yet with the newest power-efficient, green constructing technology. Cottage constructing kits/cabin prefab kits that enable in your type and budget. Time-examined options with the newest sustainable, energy-environment friendly inexperienced housing technology.

No, Green Cottage Kits are the sister site for the cottage, cabin, and traditional enthusiasts. Whereas Inexperienced Trendy Kits celebrates the latest in trendy design, Green Cottage Kits present reasonably priced, conventional cottage and larger cabin equipment residence design with green power-efficient technology.

Trendy is timeless, and right here, traditional. And in that spirit, we rethink traditional structure whereas integrating the latest expertise and energy efficiency to present our traditional cottages.

Though a contemporary fanatic, I grew up (and my mother and father still reside) in a house built in 1801. Raised in Virginia, I respect farmhouses, Victorian brownstones, colonial and completely satisfied, yes, comfortable cottage architecture.

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