Contemporary White House Design

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Contemporary White House Design Simple Style Interior

Contemporary white house design

Contemporary white house design, simple style interior design is not always synonymous with minimalist style because there are special variations of contemporary interior design. Contemporary style is often confused with minimalism. The two interior styles are different because the contemporary design has more flexible features in violation of conventional design rules.

Contemporary White House Design

Contemporary White House Design

If you want a simple interior design that does not look familiar, contemporary style can be the right choice. The following features of the contemporary interior design style will make your home more comfortable. Is there anything?

1. Maximum Natural Lighting

Contemporary interior design is synonymous with maximum natural lighting. Therefore, the use of glass as a divider between rooms is very dominant in this interior design. Houses with contemporary interiors also often use large windows and skylights so the atmosphere is always bright from morning to evening. In addition to making the house more comfortable, this contemporary design feature is also effective in saving electricity consumption.

2. Use of Neutral Colors

Neutral colors such as white, gray, and black are synonymous with contemporary interior design. The use of these colors can also give the effect of a wider space. Also, neutral colors in contemporary style homes are often combined with different colors such as red or blue to accentuate the artistic effect so that the contemporary style does not look monotonous.

3. Use of Natural Materials

When it comes to material selection, contemporary interior design often relies on natural materials such as natural wood, recycled wood, natural stone, iron, and concrete. Material selection is often used without the finishing process so that the natural effect is more prominent. So, you should choose quality materials if you want to bring a contemporary style so that the materials are durable even if not through the finishing process.

4. Selection of minimalist furniture with a light effect

To complement the contemporary interior design, you must choose furniture with the right model. One of the best options is minimalist furniture that looks light and simple. The combination of interior design and contemporary furniture with a precise design will create a cozy and not outdated atmosphere. Feel free to choose minimalist furniture that does not go through the finishing process until the natural effect is stronger.

5. Minimalist Room Arrangement

The concept of contemporary interior design can be easily realized in a small house by reducing the number of partitions. Because partitions made of walls or other permanent materials will cause a narrow effect. It is best if you combine several rooms so that the interior feel is simpler and looks spacious. Choosing the matching interior colors in each room will reduce the narrow effect and add harmony.

6. Plain Floor Installation

Plain patterned floors are also synonymous with contemporary interior design. You can choose the floor material freely according to your taste and needs, from wood, porcelain, to ceramic. Usually, the contemporary interiors leave the ordinary floor without foundation. However, some even combine it with patterned rugs to mark the boundaries between rooms. If you want to add a patterned rug, you should make sure that the floor color and rug color will match and make the interior of the house more comfortable.

7. Combination of straight-line elements for the interior of the house

One of the prominent features of contemporary interior design is the straight-line element to complement the feel of the house. These straight lines are usually seen on the drawings, the shape of the handles, and the shape of the furniture used. Decorations with straight lines do not look boring and still look attractive even though the interior trends are constantly changing.

8. Add Geometric Shaped Elements

Contemporary style does not always make the interior of your home look rigid. Alternatively, you can also add geometric elements, such as round tables for a dynamic home interior. If you combine the elements of the room properly, you will get a unique contemporary style that suits your taste and family.

9. Advanced Technology Applications

If you have an excessive budget, there is nothing wrong with using a variety of advanced technologies to enhance the contemporary atmosphere at home. The installation of electronic devices, automatic light panels, and air conditioning fitted with a closed concept is sure to make your home look more tidy and futuristic.

So, what are you waiting for? With the various design references above, you can perfect your home with the interior space of a contemporary home that suits your desires.

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