Contemporary House Floor Plans

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Contemporary House Floor Plans Quick Tips

Contemporary house floor plans

Contemporary house floor plans, a house with a contemporary style still has a lot of enthusiasts, its unique design style for some people makes it look very attractive. As with the contemporary 2-story house design on this 16 x 30 m2 land.

Contemporary House Floor Plans

Contemporary House Floor Plans

With a fairly large land size of 16 x 39 M2, it is easy for architects to design this contemporary house design as needed. For the exterior appearance, this contemporary house has a unique design form but also elegant and attractive. Glass windows dominate the exterior appearance of this 2-story house, as well as the modern and unique sloping roof shape of the house, making this house appear to attract the attention of many people.

This contemporary 2-story house design on an area of ​​16 x 30 m2, is designed with a good spatial arrangement and is tailored to the needs of you and your family. For the layout on the 1st floor, it can be seen in the 1st-floor plan layout of this contemporary house design, on the 1st floor there is a front garden, then there is also a carport with a capacity of 2 4-wheeled vehicles, then there is a front porch and a garage with a capacity of 2 cars.

Going inside, there is a living room, then there is 1 master bedroom with bathroom facilities inside and also a workroom. The workspace in the master bedroom has a view overlooking the garden beside the house. Near the living room, there is a staircase area and also a warehouse that is located just below the stairs in this contemporary style 2-story house.

Still, on the 1st floor, there is a family room, 1 guest bedroom with bathroom inside, then there is a kitchen, dining room, watching room, then there is another side garden, a maid’s sitting area, a maid’s bedroom, 1 more warehouse, bathroom, then the dirty kitchen. At the back of the house, there is a large back garden, and this contemporary family room has a view and direct access to the back porch and back garden of the house.

2nd Floor

On the 2nd floor of this 2-story contemporary house design measuring 16 x 39 m2, there are 2 children’s bedrooms with bathrooms inside, then there is a family lounge and a drying area. The 2nd-floor plan layout can be seen below.

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